How to place multiple SL trigger order?


Need help with placing multiple SL order in Dhan.

Example : Suppose, I have purchased 100 quantity of 17800CE at the price of 100.Now, I like to place 2 SL order like 50quantity@90 and 50quantity@80.
Currently, I can place the 1st SL order, but not able to place 2nd one.

Please help.
Thank you.

Hi @rajdeep2608,

Welcome to Dhan community.

You can place one Stoploss order for 100 or you can place 2 Trigger orders for 50 qty in same scrip (as per your position) with same product type.

Hi Poornima,

Thanks for your reply.

When I placed the 1st SL order , and then click again on ‘add Stop loss’, it is asking to modify the existing SL order. Its not giving option to place 2nd SL order.

Hi @rajdeep2608,

Currently, you can only place 1 SL order, for a single position. As a workaround, you may place a SL order and then place a separate Trigger (for same day) or OCO Forever order for the remaining quantities.

Thank you Poornima.

Will try to do that.

But how to share this to Dhan Team to implement this feature?