How to place SL and Target for options

How can we put SL / Trailing SL along with Target orders in Futures / Options?
While placing the orders gets placed, but when price reaches my SL the SL order gets REJECTED.
The Target Order is shown as Stoploss Limit order. So when the SL order is triggered it gets rejected.

I tried it on Tradingview chart, Dhan web and App. Everytime the same thing happens.

Why are the Target Order shown as Stoploss Limit Order ?

How can we have both Target and SL orders defined.

In ZERODHA, they give an option to set TARGET and Stoploss (as GTT order) at the Timing of Buying / Selling itself

Hi @infiniti,

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We have OCO order that should address your requirement.

Stop loss market orders are not allowed in options, so stop loss orders have to be limit. And for limit orders as well, there are exchange requirement for price protection, which may lead to rejection if limit price is out of range. We have explained this here:

For your specific case or order rejection, request if you can please share the details with Customer Support on

Also, we had recently introduced Bracket Order for Options in Beta mode. Based on user feedback, we are optimizing it and will re-introduce it soon. This has the option to add stop loss & target at the time of placing initial order.

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Cover orders are not available for Index Options

Can’t you implement SL and Target in put / call Options order (Limit or Trigger) like Zerodha ?
Zerodha also gives GTT for SL, and Target while placing buy or Sell order itself for FnO trades also

Hi @infiniti, This will be available very soon.