I have some suggestions and requests

To @PravinJ & @admins

TradingView recently introduced volumes on Index charts which is calculated from the volume of all the stocks that are under that particular Index. I request you to also start providing these same volumes on Index charts on Dhan platform so that I can apply VWAP on the index chart itself and no need to keep switching to futures charts for VWAP.

Regarding the CPR indicator, on trading view this indicator shows next day all levels, but on Dhan it doesn’t. Please do something about this. I always have to switch to TradingView just for the next day CPR levels.

One last indicator request, this indicator is made by Mr. Vivek Bajaj and the name is “Relative Strength of a stock” not the RSI, this one is different you can check it on TradingView. This indicator uses the current stock price and compares it with the benchmark Nifty 50 (this option is changeable to any other Index or stock). No other broker is providing this indicator. Please have a talk with Mr. Vivek Bajaj or this team, I am sure they will happily bring this indicator to Dhan.

I hope you consider my request and implement it for the benefit of all traders.


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Hey @Akhil153045, Volumes on the spot chart is pretty much unusable for any kind of analysis, if you’re using any volume indicator and trading off of that, it’s better to stick to the futures chart, One request from @PravinJ & @Dhan however is for introduction of continous futures chart for the indices.

Volumes I am asking for VWAP calculations only. I use VWAP and not volumes which are at the bottom of chart.

NO in RS you can compare it with index or other stocks but RSI is calculated only on that particular stock. RS can be above 0 for very long even in corrections but RSI during corrections will fall fast.

@admins someone please check this and reply