Important update for TradingView users on Dhan

Hello traders,

In the journey of enhancing your experience, we’ve come up with a new update considering charting is the most important aspect of a trader’s setup.

From Thursday (11th August), all your new templates, starred tools and every customised setting will be saved on the cloud i.e. on the server at our end.

Important Note: In the process of upgrading your experience there will be a slight inconvenience that all your already saved starred features, templates & settings will erase and will get to default.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



Note: With this change, users of TradingView charts on Dhan across platforms now will be able to save templates on one device, and same will be available across other devices in sync.

Thank You So Much Naman & @Dhan Team :pray:

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I am CPR Trader in case if you are looking for free webinar for ur traders in mumbai let me know.

Happy to share my knowledge with DHAN Community.

Please Add Alert on Trading View

Hi @Roshan ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

You can place alerts on through webhooks. Please check this - Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

We understand that you want alerts on, but there are few limitations with the libraries extended to us by Tradingview.

The Order Processing when we close the position in charts by tap on the cross to sell at market is very slow and also make P/L Statement a bit user friendly as zerodha other wise i have no problem dhan is much goop app for trading and investing

@PravinJ Today during opening i faced bug on dhan, it was my first day of trading with dhan. Price in the chart was not updating and DOM ladder was not showing any data. Hopefully it was just error for today. Please look into it.

Plus 1, I experienced the same.

Hi @anupshinde936 & @Sahil

This shouldnt have happened. Request you to please share screenshots of the issue if you face it again. We will look into it.

Please check this dhan platform totally hang the system thts why dhan charts lag this 2nd june Video even i complained your customer care but still i faced the problem even i stoped trading in dhan account Dhan Chart lag

I did not take the screen shot, but next time i will.
Today it was smooth and fast experience did not face any issues what so ever.

How many charts I can save like it. In the trading view platform, its 10 charts for free, and the premium is unlimited. How many on Dhan, please?

How many charts I can save like it?