Important Update: New Price & Order Broadcast Upgrades on Dhan

Hi All,

We have mentioned recently on our community forums that our teams are working towards scaling up our systems to ensure we are able to provide all our users with a seamless experience at all times.

Over the weekend, Dhan moved its platform to a new broadcast system for Prices, Portfolio, Positions and Orders. This change is across all our platforms (Web, App, APIs and more) and it is done to ensure we bring you all information on a real-time basis.

Most of our users today are already automatically upgraded to the new platform and are consuming data and information via the new broadcast system.

We, however, noticed that there are few users who continue to be on very older versions of the app, particularly ones that were released over 6 months back. We would request all our users to update their Dhan apps (Dhan & Options Trader) to ensure you are on the new platform and enjoy the seamless experience that we aim to provide.

Users on older app versions, please note that we will sunset our older broadcast systems soon. This affects less than 1% of our users, and those consuming these systems will get notifications from our team. If you are on the latest version of the App, you do not have to do anything as you are automatically upgraded to newer versions. Web users too have been moved to a newer version of broadcast.

Your continuous support drives us to innovate, and we thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with Dhan.

Thank you
Alok Pandey


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