Increase watchlist size to 500 from current 100

I will have to renew my tradingview subscription till this feature is allowed. If Dhan IT team can please consider this request?
Want watchlist to be able to handle 500 scripts. The current limit is 100.
There is Nifty 500 list, however, it does not work. As a trader, need these 500 stocks as part of watchlist to be able to scroll and review charts.
It is impossible otherwise to review each and every chart fast.
I wonder if any trader asked this feature? If this is duplicate request, please add in the respective queue. Kindly consider this feature request. Many Thanks !

Hi @Santo Dhan has 100 scrips in 10 watchlists = 1000 stocks. I think thats the max any broking platform would offer, if not max then among the max. On - you also have prebuilt indices to track stocks without adding to watchlist.