Intermittent Issue - Pending order not visible on TV chart

Hi @PravinJ ,

When I place limit order TV chart, it places the order but sometimes pending order is not visible on the chart and kills the whole purpose of using TV charts.

I had meeting with @Naman for different purpose and this bug popped up unexpectedly. Same thing happened today as well. Iā€™m sure if 25 people from your team do this daily, minimum 2-3 users can face this issue.

Can you please look into issue and provide a permanent fix?

We replicated the same from our end it is working fine. However, we will optimise it further and fix the same if any issue found.

Hi @amit

discussed with @Naman, understand this is for currency. Will check this.

Thanks @PravinJ for prompt reply :slight_smile:

(Honestly, felt like a disappointing reply from @Dhan_Help within 1hr of reporting a complex intermittent issue.)

Hi @amit

Dhan Customer Service is super active & prompt on their own primary channels - Chat, Phone and Email.

Community we have always mentioned is for feedback, suggestions, announcements and more. They passively look at this.