Intraday in ETF

Hi, I am not able to trade ETF intraday. Why is Dhan not allowing intraday trading in etf? Nifty or BN option has lotsize, which might not be suitable for risk averse traders like me. I set my own SL or target which is not possible with options, reason being lot size and time decay. Request you to consider intraday trading in ETF. Thank you!

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Hi @nkspro ETFs are usually investment products and not suitable for trading (specifically intraday). However, incase you want to trade in specific ETFs, do let us know at

niftybees, bankbees and itbees are highly liquid etf. If I am to take trade in option, there is always risk of decay plus the I cannot trade the position sizing as per my risk aptetite because of lot size. Every brokers I tried are allowing trading etf. I mean why not? They are being traded just like stocks, so I think it should be a no brainer to allow trading in etf. Please start it in niftybees, bankbees and itbees.

Thanks @nkspro I have forwarded the request to the RMS team, they will be enabled shortly. Will ping you with an update on this thread.

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Great, appreciate such a quick response. Thank you!