Intraday sell order stuck due to UC then next day square off highest point


many occasions i have observation that : in case intraday sell order get stuck due to Upper Circuit
then system do square off next day with heavy loss’s due to possible bug in logic

i observed many times it picks highest price next day(over full day) for square off…as original order was SELL this lead to heavy loss’s…it should look for lowest price for day…i know offficially system cannot guarantee but please get behind logic cross checked how such case handled…it should try to minimize loss’s not giving double triple loss’s…

please ask team to study similar type of cases over a month to find rootcause…they can check some recent system squared off cases…their customer price and system square off price and stock low_high price of day thanks in advance

Hi Can you share more details of this to understand, didn’t quite get that. The risk team will square off the position only when there is margin shortfall for the position.

You will find details on RMS Square-off over here, also mentions the circumstances when our Risk team will square off a position - Risk Management Policy | Dhan

If something is stuck in UC there are no sellers. So neither u or broker can square off until some sellers come in that day. Next day after market opens when sellers come in broker may try to square off the intraday order. I think this is what is happening with you. I doubt the broker can do anything about this.

@PravinJ let me take example

11 sept - Intraday Sell order on a stock taken by client and stock gone in Upper Circuit
so client/system cannot squared off same day…now system handle this next day

12sept - client expectation is it will be squared off with lowest price next day so that least loss.
System do exact opposite. Find highest price and square off.
Stock whole day was in range 5-10%…around 2:30pm it reached 18%…at that price system
squared off…imagine huge loss caused to client

requesting your team to study such cases to conclude further and find rootcause
my observation is there is some issue in square off logic for above cases…
please let me know if need more inputs because this is hitting badly…

@PravinJ i am awaiting action on this ?