Introducing Option Chain on TradingView (

We know Super Traders love the experience of trading directly from TradingView charts on Dhan ( One of the most important features why users love our product is because traders can trade Options too, and in real-time.

Many of you asked for this, so we are extremely happy to introduce our newest feature: Option Chain on TradingView ( Now access, and place orders directly from the Option Chain.

How to find the Option Chain on

  • Right click on any chart of stock that is enabled for F&O
  • Select Option Chain

What’s more?

We are shipping more this time, users of Dhan will also have the option of applying all the greeks on their charts. Greeks available are:

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Gamma
  • Vega

Users can also choose the toggle button to apply Implied Volatility on the option chain. To improve the experience, we have included visual cues depicting the strikes shaded are the ITM options, on the call and put side. The un-shaded strikes are the OTM options.

And, also this will be available both on dark theme and light theme.

Option Chain can be used as an early signal setup for breakouts or trends in the scrip. It is because institutions are active in options and they account for high volumes of daily trading, particularly from the sell side. The sudden change in OI of a particular strike is indicative of some interesting action in the scrip. We have a detailed post on this here.

Hedging strategies like straddle, strangle or condor can be visualised with all the variables on one screen and executed here by placing individual legs at a time by hovering over strikes.

We are constantly putting the efforts to improve the product experience of and with the option chain we are confident it’s going to be of help to a lot of our traders.

Stay tuned in, as we are planning on releasing more such useful features for Futures & Option traders in the coming weeks.

Also a friendly reminder for TradingView users of Dhan: Update: For TradingView users on Dhan

Growth Team


Hi, there’s a much delay in displaying the option chain. Hope it’ll be rectified in the coming updates.

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Addition of the option chain to TV is a very helpful feature.

However, it would be really great if the following 2 sub-features could be added to the option chain on

  1. Buttons on each strike to directly Buy/Sell from the option chain itself (like already present on dhan web)
  2. [Important] Button on each strike to Add to the basket… This one would be very helpful for creating strategies like Iron condor, iron fly etc.

@Dhan @Naman

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Hi @pranav.bhargava

Thanks for your suggestions. We will evaluate and try to incorporate in our roadmap.

Can you add RHo as well in the greeks?

Why I am not able to see community scripts in indicators drop-down at

Hi @abhayshukla Welcome to Dhan Community !

We have address your query below :

Till yesterday there was an option to change the scrip from option chain on TV.
I am not able to find it now.
Has it been removed? @shraddha

Hi @svineels,

As of now, we do not provide the feature to change the scrip from option chain. Request if you can share more details on your concern at we will have this checked.