Issue with API orders

I have been trying to place order through api.

it is not calculating values correctly and order getting failed

This is second time error. First time, it took 3 days

Customer care are so ir-responsible to understand and resolve problem.

Once I place a api order, balance go negative. In some time, it comes positive.

Either their technical design is bad . Because balance information seems to be updated from 2 sources ( 2 loops) . Api side create error and web side rewriting it.

Problem is with custome care. They do not understand problem. It is forcing me to leave platform

Hello @8210807370

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This shouldn’t be the case. We will have this debugged. Can you please share your Client ID along with Trade details at and we will check logs at our end on priority.

Also, it will be great if you can try this once again tomorrow and let us know, so that we can check logs realtime and assist you better.