Making login on OPTIONS TRADER app more comfortable

At present …the way to login to the mobile app is through password and then entering the sms/email otp.

The problem is that DHAN has made ENTERING password and sms/email otp MANDATORY for EVERY SINGLE TIME opening the app. For example if we open the APP now and then close it (NOT LOGGING OUT) and then again 2-3 minutes later again open the app IT AGAIN ASKS for entering the password and OTP. This typing of password and OTP every SINGLE TIME IS very ANNOYING. We are thus forced to enter password and sms otp 100 times every time we open the app.

Can’t you provide MPIN or Google authenticator OTP system ??

Hi @inspectorKAALE Request you to turn on biometric login, you may have disabled it. It makes usage seamless.

Is there NO other option other than biometric login ? Can’t MPIN or GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR otp system be provided ?

Hi @inspectorKAALE

At this moment we do have only biometric login, further, we have noted your feedback for MPIN login or Google authenticator otp.