Minor UI bug in Options-trader

Hi @Dhan team,

the tooltip on IV offset says that the value should be >=1, whereas IV offset can both be +ve or -ve

Hi @erankitjain

There is no tooltip in ‘Adjust IV’ section. We have not provided any tooltip with the above text in Strategy Builder. We do allow Negative IV offset value. If you can help us where you are using this platform, because I can see scroll bar also on right side. Prima-facie appears a device issue.

here is the video shared via wetransfer as community didn’t allow me to upload video here directly.


video recorded for a windows 11 machine

Hi @Naman , @Dhan,

Another one… IV offset runs away to the left on changing value, try doing (+) and then same position becomes “refresh”

pls do note that I’m not moving my mouse but button is changing with every click

Hi @erankitjain

Noted. Will fix this one.

Hi @Naman,

have you seen the video for other issue as well, related to the tooltip?