Mismatch between Contract Note and Traders Diary

Pnl in traders diary-

Contract note of 22nd sept-

Screenshot at 3:30pm on 22nd September -

Hey @Dhan

My positions (consisting only of 22nd expiry sensex option contracts, which were initiated and closed on same day and were the only positions I had, as I traded only intraday) on 22/09/2023 ended with a PnL of 6025 at 15:30 (3rd photo) and the figures around it were same and shown in contract note in the field “net amount receivable by client” , approx 5650 after deduction of brokerage and charges (i.e, 373 rupees as shown in traders diary)

But my traders diary is reflecting the final PnL very wrong, i.e 1598.37 after brokerage

I emailed everything on help@dhan.co , and still am to receive any satisfactory answer.

I have checked calculation at my end, please rectify the erraneous results in traders diary PnL and credit the remaining amount i.e, approx 4000

@t7support @PravinJ @iamshrimohan please have a look and let me know, something is surely discrepancy prone here, as I have traded intraday in past and cross checked with those days ledger. On those days the ledger and traders diary seem to be in sync(I can provide examples), but on this day its erraneous

Only after thoroughly confirming and cross examining I decided to raise the post, please let me know if I am missing something.

Hi @wicked_sunny Will review this with CS team or @iamshrimohan will check. Trader’s Diary is a view, all P&L credits happen as per contract notes… you can check that in ledger Should be some exception.

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Ok @PravinJ after you replied I checked the ledger, its correctly showing a credit of 5650

But please get the traders diary fixed, as you said its a view and most people view it only, so it helps in maintaining record & display of performance


@wicked_sunny please share your UCC over DM, ill get this checked.

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