Missed to update friend referral code while opening account

Hi, @amol1

I missed to update my friend referral code while opening account. Now is there any way to update the same once all KYC process is done? Please suggest

Hi @Amol1 If your friend has opened the account by clicking on your referral link, it will be automatically mapped against your Dhan account for referral. In that case there is no need to add a referral code. Post onboarding, it is not possible to change the referral mapping.

How to map referral code in case of HUF account which are opened offline .

Hi @bsjhala For offline accounts, mapping to referral isnt possible. At some point, we will explore making these accounts online.

Regulations allow to open HUF account online?

Yes regulations allow opening of HUf account.

I know HUF accounts can be opened, my question isn’t whether they can be opened or not but rather can they be opened entirely online as I am only aware of offline method by signing the offline HUF application form, attaching the supporting documents of Karta, coparceners and then courier.

Currently only offline is possible.

Hi @gegobyte

We do process HUF accounts in offline mode as of now, if we come up with an online process we will surely update on post.

Request you to drop a note at help@dhan.co and our team will assist you.

I don’t want to open HUF account. I am only asking do the regulations as of today allow opening of HUF accounts completely online?

No HUF is a separate legal entity formed by multiple people. It has it’s own sets of laws guiding it. Therefore atleast for now cannot be onboarded in online mode like individuals.