Moving average in stock details

I have a suggestion for you guys @PravinJ @shraddha

Please add simple moving average or EMA in stock details.

It’s very helpful for entry or exit in stock.

I generally pick stocks from it’s 50 or 200 days SMA/EMA for long term
Or 20 or 10 days SMA/EMA for positional trade.

Do the needful guys :innocent:

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Hi @Bhargav

Your feedback is noted. We will have something interesting coming up soon for traders who want to track signals like SMA / EMA.

Thank you

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Hi Bhargav,
We heard you! :relaxed:
Happy to share with you that we released our newest feature : Technicals & Technical orders.
Track pivots, moving averages and a host of popular indicators (RSI, MACD etc) for every scrip under the “Technicals” section.
And the best part, you can directly place your order from the same page itself.
Do try it out and let us know what you think! :smiley:

Read more here: Technicals & Technical Orders on Dhan

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Also add VWAP if possible, its a great tool for day traders

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