Multiple API / TV Bugs

  1. Wrong qty is shown in (blue arrow) (Pic attached)
    2)Sometimes purchase indication(blue arrow) isnt visible on weekly / daily chart but visible on intrrday charts
    3)Sometimes Pending order line isnt visible on Native TV connected with Dhan API
    4)Wrong Avg price is wrongly shown on Dhan Dashboard (Pic attached)

Kindly do a detailed assessment , also if possible upgrade your api so we can see historically executed order on native tv when connected with dhan api

Purchased 200 QTY yesterday but its showing only 3 on , but i can place AMO SL order for 200 qty…

Avg price is wrongly shown , its same as LTP

but i notice that this gets rectified post 8:30am automatically, but still there is a bug to smash!

order placed but not visible on chart

but visible on under pending orders in dashboard

pls fix , there are tons of bugs

Hi @Satyam

Could you help us with more details on your 2, 3 points? share us the screen recording with so we can check and assist you accordingly.

Further, we are having this check your other concern with our team.

i have PM you a small video clip of error #3 as well

Hi @Satyam

We will check and get back to you shortly.

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Hi @Satyam

For points 1&4, we have done the root cause analysis & identified that this happened during the BOD process for a few minutes. The BOD process is a daily maintenance process where we do all the hygiene checks, and update & upload all the relevant files. What you faced was not usual behavior.

For point 2&3, you maybe aware that we have updated the TradingView library this week. We faced small mishaps and reverted back. Now everything is working fine. Read more on the latest library here

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point no 2&3 isnt solved! and this bug has nothing to do with latest tv update , since last 4 months im noticing it

Cant see my running P/L in this stock

data is missing , look at bottom right chart , its showing Dec 2022 data then directly jump to june 2023 data

any update ? @Divyesh

Stock name is INOXGREEN

@PravinJ Kindly look into these posts , i m highlighing multiple bugs related to API/Data related , non of them is fixed yet

@Divyesh any update, ?

Hi @Satyam

Apologies for the delay in response, we are looking into your case get back to your shortly.

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same here , order place but not visible in but visible on native tv and order panel

i cant see AMO orders in TV connected via dhan

but its visible on dhan portal