New feature requests and improvements


I have been using the Dhan app to invest in stocks for a few months now and as per my observations, I have listed the below new features or improvements that can be incorporated into the app. Most of them are from the investing perspective and not from trading perspective.
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A. Search features (In Android App):

  1. When we click on the search icon in the home page, it lists out the recently accessed stocks, at the same time it also shows their returns % for the day besides it. But when we try to search for a new stock which isn’t recently accessed, it shows only the stock name (with an option to watchlist it). If we can display the present day returns besides it even for such newly searched stocks, we can save that extra time of going into the stock page and then performing the operation. If possible, we can even add options like buy, sell etc along with the present day returns.

  2. Currently only 4 stocks are displayed under ‘Recent Searches’ and ‘Trending Now’. Can we increase this 4 to, say, 10 or 15.

  3. Currently Search is showing everything like stocks, futures, options, ETFs etc.,. Can we add options to filter only the desired category ?

B. Home Page features (In Android App):

  1. The ‘Market Movers’ section has filters for ‘In Markets’ and ‘In Portfolio’. Similarly, please add ‘In Watchlist’ as well.

  2. The ‘Market Movers’ section currently lists the stocks from a pre-defined index (I think it’s Nifty 50). But this should be configurable according to the customers preferences.

  3. The ‘Overall Portfolio Summary’ section should have an option to ‘mask’ the portfolio values. This feature is present in the Portfolio page but not on the Home page.

  4. The ‘Overall Portfolio Summary’ section can have some more filters for smallcase, stratzy etc. in addition to the existing options All, Stocks and ETF.

  5. ‘Alpha View’ - This feature lists the indices that we have outperformed for the day. But it will be good if it can even list the indices that we have underperformed, so that we can do some analysis to see which are the indices that we regularly underperform and take informed decisions.

C. Watchlist features:

  1. The ‘Show performance since added’ option is not available in the web version. Please enable it.

  2. Whenever a watchlisted stock (or portfolio stock) undergoes a massive move like +5% or -5%, a push notification should be triggered.

  3. Whenever a watchlisted stock (or portfolio stock) announces a Corporate Action like dividends, bonus etc, a push notification should be triggered.

  4. Whenever a watchlisted stock (or portfolio stock) is mentioned in News, a push notification should be triggered (User should be able to enable/disable this).

  5. While we are inside a specific stock page, it’s not that easy to add it to the watchlist. We have to scroll and find ‘Smart Invest’ and then add it to the desired watchlist, which is complex and time-consuming. Instead, the watchlist option should be present right next to the stock name itself.

  6. In the ‘News’ page, if the user needs more info about a news item, he should be able to visit the detailed news in a browser. The app should support this redirection.

  7. We should be able to filter the news items based on ‘In Markets’, ‘In Portfolio’ and ‘In Watchlist’ similar to the ‘Market Movers’ section.

  8. In the ‘CA’ tab, we should be able to filter/sort the events like dividends, bonus etc.,.

  9. We should be able to access the CA’s from the individual stock page as well, not only on the CA page.

  10. Right now we can access only the upcoming CA’s for any stock, but it will be good to see even the past CA’s while we are inside a stock page.

  11. Found a bug in the CA page. Let’s say I have watchlisted ITC in two different watchlists. Assume ITC announces a dividend. Now, in the CA page, two entries are present for the same stock (because I have watchlisted it twice, ideally it should be once only).

  12. Whenever a watchlisted stock (or portfolio stock) announces earnings results, a push notification should be triggered (User should be able to enable/disable this).

D. Portfolio page:

  1. We are able to mark a stock as long-term only after the settlement cycle is completed. So until then this feature should be hidden or we should display a message mentioning this while trying to mark it as long-term.

  2. No one invests in stocks for a single goal. Hence we should be able to add multiple portfolios each one for a different goal. For example, I can have one portfolio for long-term, one for short-term, another one to buy a car etc.,. At any point of time we should be able to see the details for the selected portfolio only.

  3. The portfolio page can have more details related to tax like what is the LTCG or STCG tax incurred so far, how many days more left so move from sctg slab to ltcg slab etc.,.

  4. We should be able to apply a custom tag, as desired, to any stock and later fetch them, filter/analyse them in another page as desired. For example, I can apply a tag like ‘Do not buy’ to stocks which I don’t like, ‘To be bought in Jan 2023’, ‘Wait till budget’, ‘Bullish’, etc.,. At present we can mark stocks as long-term, but it’s not more customizable.

  5. Ability to buy US stocks.

  6. If we have stocks in another demat account, we should be able to manually add them in Dhan and track or analyse it as the stock migration process from existing demat is not simple and it’s complicated and time-consuming.

  7. Option to change the FIFO pattern while selling a stock: I have two portfolios managed by two different investment advisors. Let’s say as a part of the first portfolio, I am entering ITC at 100. After a few months, my second advisor is asking me to enter ITC for my second portfolio at a market price of 200. Now the app will show that I have two stocks of ITC at an average price of Rs.150. Now if I try to exit the stock from my second portfolio, then it will sell the first instance instead of the second instance because of FIFO. So we should be able to change the FIFO while selling a stock if needed. Currently I am resolving this problem by buying only the first instance of such common stocks in Dhan and using a different app for the second instance.

  8. In every stock page, there should be a small description about that stock and its achievements.

  9. Important: Inside an individual stock page, if we change the time frame, it should display the returns for that time-frame.

E. General:

  1. In the Positions page, the Day-view P&L is a good feature. But it’s hidden by default and unable to discover this feature. Ideally it should be maximized (enabled) by default.

  2. We should be able to add multiple bank accounts, switch the primary bank accounts, change nominations, change address etc.,. right within the app for free and with no paperwork.

  3. We should be able to place an all-in-one buy GTT + OCO + AMO order with the option to set target and stop loss at the time of placing order itself. The holdings can be authorized every day morning for sell order to go through.

  4. In the Upstox app, we have a feature called ‘why is the price moving?’ for every stock which gives insights on the probable reason for the stock’s price movement. Please add it in Dhan as well.

  5. The charts/bar graphs used to illustrate the financials, earnings and shareholding patterns of a stock could have been more cleaner and intuitive as in Upstox app.

  6. We should be able to view all the listed stocks and apply some filters on them like market cap, returns, sector, earnings, promoter holdings %, financials, dividend yield, LTP etc…, so that we can discover stocks that match our preference. This feature is available in the Groww app. This is like a miniature of the Screener website. We should be able to perform operations like buy, sell, add to watchlist etc.,. on the filtered results.

F. Others:

  1. Trade calendar: Provide a calendar view where we can see the P&L of our portfolio on any day in a given calendar month in the form of a calendar week, month or year.

  2. Portfolio chart: Similar to the charts of individual stocks, please provide us a chart view of the entire portfolio as well. It should also tell us the number of days where the portfolio has advanced or declined.

  3. Daily mail: Please provide a daily mail for the insights on the portfolio, like the P&L of the present day, gainers, losers, portfolio stocks that are in news, upcoming CA’s of portfolio holdings etc.,.

  4. Similar to portfolio insights mail, there could be one more mail daily to provide the current market trends, news etc…,

  5. Please provide analyst ratings like number of BUY/SELL/HOLD calls for any stock.

  6. While we are inside a particular stock’s page, we should be able to see its ‘alternatives or competitors or related stocks’ and be able to compare them based on returns, valuation, market cap, financials etc.

  7. At present, all the News and CA’s are aggregated in separate pages outside the individual stock page. It would be better if you could provide only the News and CA related to a given stock, say ITC, inside ITC’s detailed page.

  8. Could you please aggregate all the brokerage calls in a single page within the app, that we get scattered across in different new websites ?

  9. We should be able to set price alerts 'with a reason or notes ’ for it so that we don’t forget it when the price alert is triggered.

  10. At present we could see the returns only on a predefined range like 1D, 1W, 1M, 6M, 1Y etc.,. Please add the option to see the stock performance in any custom date range like (Dec 1, 2019) to (Jan 18, 2020)

  11. Please provide interactive and useful widgets (or push notifications) to track our portfolio’s performance, it will be useful especially for long term investors.

  12. At present, for stock SIP’s, the SIP amount is being deducted from the trading balance I believe. This means that, for salaried people, they should add funds to the app, after their salary is credited but before the SIP date for the transaction to go through. This extra step could be avoided if we can deduct the SIP amount directly from the salary bank account as in the case of Mutual Funds SIP. Would be even better if you could use UPI Autopay to achieve this.

  13. I observed a bug wherein only the Nifty50 stocks present in the portfolio are considered while displaying the gainers or losers in the Market movers section of the android app.

  14. Please enable volume indicator for indices in dhan + tv.

  15. Currently I have stock holdings across multiple demat accounts and inorder to track all of them from a single place, I use the IndMoney app. It connects the different brokers using ‘smallcase gateway’ and shows the real-time analysis across all brokers. Since the Dhan app isn’t supported here, I have to use the CAS statement as an alternative which isn’t very effective. Please look into this.

  16. Support for Tax filing using ClearTax and Quicko.

  17. A separate statement should be provided only for the brokerages and other charges deducted, so that it will be useful in tax filing.

  18. We should be able to track the FII’s vs DII’s moves right within the app, it should support all calendar views like day-wise, month-wise etc.,.

  19. Option chain in android app for F&O could have been more cleaner and less cluttered like Groww and Paytm money.

  20. We should be able to know the trading or settlement holidays right within the app for better planning instead of googling for it at the start of every month.

  21. Heat map for F&O.

  22. Certificates or Badges or Reversal of brokerage fees for loss-free trading (for traders) or consistent beating of all major indices (for investors) over a period of time, would be more encouraging.

  23. Inside any stock page, we should find ready-made analysis with star ratings or indicators for each of the following parameters - Valuation, Growth, Quality and Momentum. It would be even better if you can provide a score out of 10 for any stock based on these parameters. Or you can ‘rank’ the stock among its peers using these parameters and other information. We could analyse this ourselves using the financials, technical indicators etc., but ready-made info would be better for quick and reliable decision-making.



hi @Ramanathan, thanks for the note and we have your requests that you share over email with us as well. Every message / feedback / suggestion we get at Dhan is reviewed by our teams and it does reach every concerned person. Appreciate you taking our time and sharing this., Dhan improves because of these feedbacks and suggestions. Have a great day!


I highly request multiple portfolios feature. As explained, you might want to use the same stock across different goals so you wanna map some units to one and some to another.

I have been waiting for only this feature for a year. Please add it.

Hi @Ramanathan

Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback on the features you would like to have.

Happy to inform you that one of the request of updating primary bank accounts has been heard, and now you can update your primary bank account in Dhan through your app.

Below are the steps on how you can do it:

  1. Simply navigate to the “Banks” section on your Dhan app or web by clicking on the “Money” tab
  2. Click on the “More” button on any of your secondary bank that you want to change to Primary
  3. Click on “Set as Primary Account”
  4. Give your consent to deduct ₹25 (+GST) from your Dhan ledger
  5. Provide your confirmation on the bank you want to change to Primary
  6. Proceed to eSign with the Aadhaar number you used to open your Dhan account

You can read more about our newest feature here.

We look forward to having your inputs and contribution in our community.