New Features request (GTT, OI Chart, Live News)

Hope to see below features in Dhan App

  1. Live market News
  2. Option OI chart for weekly expiry (Currently only available for monthly expiry
  3. IO data in option chain is hard to read because of high numbers without commas. Better to have short numbers with simples of Cr, L,K
  4. GTT for sell side
  5. Price alert is not working for me. is it common issue?

Looking forward for a positive responds

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Hi @jinsasajas

Welcome to Dhan community, thanks for your feature requests.

Live Market News: We introduced this recently (Introducing: Live News on Dhan)
Options OI chart weekly expiry: This is on our things to do, we will bring this on Dhan
OI Data in Option Chain: Feedback noted, we will have this right.
GTT sell side: Yes, we have sell for Forever Order coming soon.
Price Alerts: Please write to us if you see something here, we are on

Here are the list of features we are presently working on at Dhan: Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

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