Nifty 500: Seems duplicacy in scrips

The highlighted scrips seems duplicate. Could you please check?

No corresponding scrips in NSE website. Only one scrips appears on NSE website.

Hi @Shally,

We will review this. Thanks for highlighting.

Hi @Poornima,

It seems Dhan has removed the wrong scrip from the NSE 500 list.

The data including stock price or volume not matching with the NSE.

Hi @Shally,

Yes, this has been updated from our end. Thanks for bringing to our notice.

Do keep contributing to Dhan Community.

Hi @Sameet,

It seems you didn’t get my last reply. I am pointing out that even after the correction from your end, there seems to be error in the scrip data as shown in the photo vis a vis NSE data.

Kindly check that.


Yes, we are getting this checked with our team.

also plz include , Turnover colume in place of volume…

Volume just brings Total volume amongst the lower price stocks & bigger price stocks , not a comfortable way to sort according to practical need,
it misleads many time so plz add Turnover (Qty x Price) column next to the volume column !
sorting by turnover gives realistic & helpful information…

@PravinJ I am happy to see Dhan scaling!

As you are scaling in numbers, are you scaling team wise? Just generally asking. Your Quality Control teams need to be really attentive now.

I have been with Dhan since the inception and have witnessed things growing.

But, the 2 years with Dhan, One thing that has always been a problem is Quality Control. Problems like these shouldn’t have come in it’s first place? Is it really that difficult to check a list of 500 Stocks?

I request to keep quality control your top most priority as you are scaling.

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Glenmark Pharma chart not showing when clicked from NSE 500 list. Somewhat strange to see because the chart is otherwise visible if we directly type in the search bar.

Hi @Shally,

The same has been fixed, kindly check now.


We have noted your suggestion, thank you!