Now Available: All Statements and Reports

Investing and trading is a continuous process.

While the lush of green (or the shock of red) may wash through us from time to time, it is imperative that we keep a track of those in our journey of wealth creation.

Introducing All Statements.

If you want to check your P&L, you can go through your P&L statement.

If you want to check your holdings, take a look at your Holding Summary.

If you want to check the details of debits and credits, we list those in your ledger summary.

As a stockbroking platform, we are mandated to send certain statements by regulations. Some of these include Weekly Statement of Securities and the daily Contract Note and Margin Summary.

However, in our quest for transparency, we’ve enabled you to access all statements on demand.

We’ve also made it easier for you to search and access it.

Let’s take the Contract Note as an example. If you’re someone who invests or trades frequently, you might not be able to search the relevant document by parsing through your email.

On Dhan, you can quickly search and find the details from your past trade history and get the Contract Note for the relevant period.

It’s as easy as that.

You can access all statements and reports from the “My Profile” section of your Dhan app or web.

We hope we’ve been able to make your journey a little bit more organised with our statements.

For any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at

Product @ Dhan

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I was expecting for a console like system from Dhan which would allow traders to analyze their P&L for each day, each month at a summary level along with scrip level P&L. What I am seeing are individual trades being classified as P&L. And an option to e-mail P&L report.
Shocked to see the announcement of this feature which is of no use in its current form!

Listing below what is available at console level P&L for traders -
For individual segments - Equity, Futures and Options, Currency or Commodity
P&L for Combined, Realized or Un-realized
Option to search for a specific symbol P&L only
Option to search for a specific Tag P&L only.


Yes, these are the basic things all broker horse has to provide. They are providing this batch feature only now and announcing it in a big way.

Without Console like thing there is no point trading or investing in Dhan

Hopefully this will keep consistency and don’t make the trading experience cluttered. Need more time to set a market trust and reputation.


Hi @Vignesh_N, yes, these are the statements that existing brokers provide, however, we are trying to build an integrated experience unlike other traditional or discount brokers who provide trading and reporting on separate apps. Be assured, this is just the first version and we will keep improving it based on your feedback!

Hey @nity, thank you for your feedback, appreciate you taking out time for us and helping us improve. So far, we were focused on making the trading experience right for our users and shared reports only via requests. The idea is to make trading and reporting an integrated experience and not on two separate apps. This just the first version of statements and reporting, we will keep improving it incrementally like our other features. :grinning:

I think it would be a meaningful feature to have ledger vs benchmark nifty as chart.