Now Live: Position Filters for Improved Trading Experience on the Web.

Hello all,

We have mentioned the Dhan community many times - we are updating our web experience more in line for Traders. We have been shipping updates to make our platforms faster and seamless, and many small UI / UX enhancements to improve your trading experience.

We understand that the true challenge for a trader begins once a trade has been successfully placed and a position is opened. It is at this point that the trader must skillfully manage the risk, figure out how to average down or build up their position, strike a balance between greed and fear, adapt to changing market conditions, and finally determine the optimal exit point.

We built some of these core aspects of trading, hence we have not only made features & tools to execute the trades but also to manage those trades. “Manage Position” on all the Dhan platforms is the feature which has every data & actions a trader needs for managing the open position. This includes, the trailing stop loss, market depth, conversion of product type and much more. We also shipped Grouping of Positions on the web very early in our journey, that is now one of favourite features of traders who are doing multiple trades.

Today, we are introducing a small but significant update in traders to manage their Open Positions on the Dhan web with Position Filters.

Positions on Web

You can now conveniently add Position Filters on your Open Positions - by Segment Type, Order (Product) Type, or Profit & Loss (P&L). When you select a specific filter, your positions will be categorised and displayed in separate tabs based on your chosen criteria or filter.

The default view displays all open positions, and only tabs with active open positions will appear. While the Profit & Loss filter was already available, this update introduces two additional filters. Here are the details for each of the filters: -

  • Position by Segment - The positions will be divided based on the segments that includes Options, Futures, Equity, Commodity & Currency.
  • Position by Order - The open positions will be categorised based on product type as Normal, Delivery, Intraday & MTF.
  • Position by P&L - The open position will be divided based on the live profit & loss.

With Position Filters you can now track, manage & exit positions based on what’s important for you. It solves for simple features and asks like:

  • Keeping track of Intraday only orders for Today, while getting off distractions about Delivery / Carry Forward positions
  • Equity markets are over, want to only focus on Commodities or Currencies
  • Focus only on positions that are in Profit or Loss

We hope that this will help our traders on Dhan stay focussed (and not get distracted by multiple positions) and also overall manage their positions better. Let us know your feedback on this in the thread below.

Happy Trading!

– Hardik


Hi @Hardik

This is a good improvement on the positions tab. I have a suggestion. It will be great if we can tag each position w.r.t. a custom name (may be a strategy or by some other identifier) and then display the total PnL grouped by the identified also including PnL from the closed positions.

This will be especially helpful in order to track multiple strategies even using the same instrument.

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Hello @kbkalyani56

Thanks for the feedback, duly noted. We are working on something related to grouping strategies, but not on tags yet, as this will increase work for traders to manually tag each position. But will evaluate this as well.

I am also requesting the grouping of strategies.

same needed…if we can seperate out live position by strategy and can watch then it will be very useful…like if we had deployed iron conder abd credit spread both together then to watch on each seperate strategy position with legs it will be easy uf we can seperate in diff group in position page