Now Login Faster to Dhan Web platforms with Quick Mobile App Shortcuts ⚡

Hello traders & investors,

We are constantly finding ways to improve and elevate your experience on Dhan across all platforms, features and also many things under the hood including our underlying networks and infrastructure. We recently updated our tech infrastructure and order processing capabilities to ensure you are able to trade faster. Some of the recent and industry-first innovations like Custom Strategy Builder for Commodity & Currency segments are finding adoption with our users.

These big additions aside, we’re consistently making small tweaks that can have a memorable impact on your trading & investing experience. One of them is this - quick mobile app shortcuts to fast login to Dhan web.

Many of our Dhan web users had requested a much faster and seamless way to login to Dhan web. Now you can ‘Long press’ the Dhan App icon on Android and iOS apps and you’ll see four quick options to launch:

  • Login to Web
  • Portfolio
  • Watchlist
  • Dashboard

All you have to do is login once to the app to use Quick Mobile App Shortcuts. In case of login, you will quickly come to the Fast QR scan screen on the mobile app that will enable you to login to Dhan web platforms. If you are logged out of the app session, then you will be prompted to login to the app first and then you can use the same action for quick login.


If you are a Dhan android app user, in addition to the quick login now via shortcut, you will also be able to move a permanent shortcut for Dhan login on web to your mobile phone, and keep a separate icon shortcut for direct login to Dhan web.

new web gif

Speed is everything when it comes to trading & investing and with these Quick Mobile App Shortcuts, you can login to Dhan web and also access important screens in a single tap shortcut on mobile, another industry first feature from Dhan.

As you are aware, Dhan operates three platforms for our traders and investors, Dhan web (, Options Trader with Custom Strategy Builder ( and also TradingView console ( We also recently introduced unified login for the convenience of our users to login to the choice of their web platform.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this small but super useful feature for our traders and investors.



Wow! This is excellent!

This was a much needed feature! Finally my logins gonna be lightening fast too!


@8y4ssbl4al thanks for the appreciation! :innocent:


Please provide MPIN or GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR login for mobile app.
This ENTERING SMS OTP is annoying.

Biometric or screen lock password or pattern authentication is easy right compared to authenticator app…?


Please consider

With biometric login I can just login with my fingerprint or by drawing a pattern on the phone. With authenticator app I need to open it, click on the app link to see the 2FA code and then enter it in trading platform. Much more time consuming and inconvenient than bio metric or pattern based authentication.

Not evryone likes to KEEP fingerpoint security ON on their mobiles.

So for those clients who DON’T LIKE TO ENABLE FINGERPRINT SECURITY ON on their mobiles…For them DHAN should consider 1 TIME MPIN / GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR FILLUP FOR a DAY. This means that today you woke up and opened your DHAN app. This is the 1st time login of the day and for this Google Authenticator should be provided AND THIS SINGLE TIME LOGIN should remain valid THROUGHOUT THE DAY. After this 1ST login of the day with gooogle authenticator…the APP should open JUST WITH THE MPIN ONLY .

The present system of entering password and sms otp EVERY SINGLE TIME of opening the app is ANNOYING.

If you have not enabled fingerprint security u can simply use the password or pattern used to unlock mobile screen to login. This is super simple than using authenticator app for 2FA.

Not everyone LIKE to KEEP THEIR mobile phones LOCKED by password/pin/fingerprint or pattern. This is what you are not understanding.

So for those clients…DHAN should make MPIN or 1 time a day google authenticator option available RATHER THAN THE PRESENT SYSTEM of entering password and sms otp every single time for openining the app.

Please make this update available for Dhan Options Trader App also.

Yes @Akhil153045, on our list of things to do.

By not having any lock on your phone, you are inviting more trouble for you!
I really dont know who doesnt keep some kind of guard to their mobile, especially someone, who is into trading!
This scenario of someone not having lock on their phone is 0.0001% of cases and for it, I dont think that any way out should be designed !

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@PravinJ Awesome! Also I would like to ask when is the glass ui update coming to the options trader app??

Yes @Akhil153045, it is. In fact we started work on this, and couple of products are running in parallel - MCX new trading system, integration with BSE F&O segment, Mutual Funds, etc… and in between that we are scaling up our platforms.

Glass design should come to Options Trader with many additional capabilities soon. We will expedite this.