Please Improve Your PNL Statements

The PNL statements provided by dhan are quite old fashion and difficult to understand for newbies and there are bugs in them too

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Hi @omkar

Request you to share what are the specific improvements you are looking for. In case you are finding any information incorrect, please write to us on and we will resolve for this.

i was seeing brokerage as zero for my trades and i tried downloading it for three times

here is screen shot

Hi @omkar ,

Request you to please drop a mail on with your registered email id, and we will get this checked.

Dhan is not provide flexibility like other service provider is provided, PnL you can get in the app not like dhan every time we have to request in app and will have to see in email

Hi @PravinJ,

I did small trade and investment yesterday to check if I can move fully to Dhan but found reports the most lacking aspect of Dhan
Firstly there is no way to see Pnl for any given day on the fly on Dhan itself and secondly on the report I received over email. Attaching screenshot of the PnL report which I received over email (only removed personal information)

  1. As an investor I would want to know how much I invested, which I need to calculate from your report and not readily available

    Coulumn totals are missing are Net buy and net sell of the day, total invested amount.

  2. As trader I would like to know how much I generated as gross profit or loss and what is my net profit or loss after brokerage but I get this

    Now, looking at it pls tell me what was my net profit and gross profit in this? and there is no total even for the charges coloumn, so I need to manually add up charges to understand the cost of my trades!!

Do I need to calculate these stuff on daily basis for previous day to understand how my day went by?

It is a very small change, if you can pls add these values more clearly on emailed reports first and will be very thankful for it.

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Exactly, this is really frustrating, trading experience is good for me on Dhan but reports on Dhan are really awful, it’s big Con for people shifting from other broker to Dhan,

When I mail to @Dhan_Help, they say it’s in development, never told by when we can get relief from this issue, neither the same was included in #Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October

@PravinJ Please explain by when the reports will get better

Hi @Sachinkm, @erankitjain, @AmitN

Thanks for sharing this feedback & suggestion, it’s one we have heard before, & Users are the strength of our platform and we are building a product that improves the overall trading experience of our users. We understand we need to improve the overall statement experience, and the ask is also valid regarding the date. I’m requesting that you please help us with some time. we are soon launching our updated P&L statement both in App & web.

@Kiran @PravinJ ,

Can you please tell me any expected ETA for the same, as I’ve been hearing the same from last few months, I’m not able to fully move to Dhan becouse of this thing, i don’t know why dhan is not priorities this important part,

We cannot see how our trade went on some specific date, what was our realised or unrealised profit for that day,

Few more things

1- please Don’t show price including brokerage in p/l report l, show it separately

2- Tax report is really terrible, it does show exact turnover for the trade and also doesn’t mention what all tax I’ve been charged for trade.


It’s on our priority list. Please give us a month’s time and we will resolve this.

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Madam, It’s high time to build back office separately for all statements. ,. instead of getting email by generating self. The back office should not be in mobile app. It has to be in separate browser. We should be in a positio to download P&L, Tax P&L whenever and which period we want. It has to be in PDF and Excel formats, so that we can easily file tax returns.

Next year we should be in a position to file tax returns easily.

I hope you understand our difficulties.
I expect good response from you.


Hi @PSR,

You’re right we could definitely do this better I assure you that we are tirelessly working on improving the statement & Report experience for our users. Please give us a month’s time and we will resolve this.

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Multiple errors in P&L Statement. Such as my profit 700 but it show 5700 and loss 300 show it 7200 and multiple error in F&O statement also… Tracking very difficulty… and checking my P&L no one understand i gain something or loss. Kindly do something. I just love Dhan platform so my suggestion kindly upgrade like Zerodha console.

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Hi Hiren Madam,

Thanks for understanding our difficulties.
I expect the things to be done as you stated.
Thank you once again.

Hi @Techanalysis ,

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Firstly huge thanks for loving our platform. We are constantly working on improving our platforms and P&L is one of the important features we are currently revamping.

We will surely update you once all the necessary changes are implemented.

How much charges i am paying as an option trading including stt, tax, brokerage, stamp duty etc etc

I am not getting this reports on P/L statement ! May i know why ??

Refer to the previous post, have answered there