Plotting important levels on charts

Auto - plotting lines for below for any stock would be industry first feature and would be very very helpful intraday, BTST as well as positional trading -
PWH - Previous Week High
PWL - Previous Week Low
WH - Week High
WL - Week Low
15ORH - First 15 minutes Opening Range High
15ORL - First 15 minutes Opening Range Low
1HORH - First hour Opening Range High
1HORL - First hour Opening Range Low

Sharing one example in the below screenshot


मला वाटतंय की Options traders साठी options chain वर जिथे जास्त OI आहे त्या लेव्हल्स आपोआप संबंधित चार्टवर दिसतील असं करायला पाहिजे.

Hi @nity ,

Awesome suggestion! Have noted this down :white_check_mark:


Hi @RahulDeshpande,

While developing this Opening Range Indicator, please give the option to select the TIME FRAME. Some might trade on the First 5 min or Hourly breakouts. Please don’t keep First 15 mins as a hardcore value. Let the user define the range.