PnL Calculation error between Dhan and Options-trader

@Dhan, @admins,

I was trading using Options trader and cut my position based on PnL shown in Options-trader, total 6 positions (shown in screenshot below in day theme). Then I moved to Dhan app (shown below in Dark theme) and saw my PnL and almost got a minor attack as it showed and still showing -7.7k loss as compared to Options-trader with -1.4k loss.

Why this discrepency in PnL shown in both places? In the end I did my own calculation and found Options-Trader PnL to be correct

Investigating further found even more discrepancies in @Dhan compared to Options-Trader

  1. Today’s high, Today’s low shown were never touched (assuming this is PnL high and low) infact today’s high wasn’t even a possible figure for the strategy I deployed even if IV shot up by 20%

  2. It is showing closed position as 2 in green box instead of 6 and LTP no showing for 4 out of 6 closed positions

  3. clicking on In Loss tab which again is showing 2 instead of 3, I found the total not changing based on positions in the box. Total of in loss positions is -14.3k but showing total as -7.7k

  4. There was no tab “In Profit”, I’m only seeing Closed (2) and In Loss (2)

I have no idea what’s going on but I closed the browser and reopened the app and now I’m seeing this :person_facepalming:

  1. Closed showing as 0
  2. No In Loss, No In Profit tabs
  3. All LTPs are now 0 in closed positions
  4. total now became 0 instead of -7.7k needless to say both 0 and -7.7k are wrong simply by looking at individual orders PnL

Final Update: 3rd time is the charm, I closed and reopened the browser and this time I’m seeing everything correctly but worrying nonetheless and isn’t expected at all, imagine taking decisions based on faulty PnL shown

Hi @erankitjain

We request you to always do a hard refresh after your trades, if you are moving from one platform to another. In the meantime, we have your registered details and will get this checked. Thanks for highlighting this.

LTP of this is showing zero, bit odd. Will check the logs on our end.

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thank you for looking into it, expecting the root cause resolution soon!

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Hi @Sameet, @PravinJ - any news on this? why Pnl and ltp were behaving like this?

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