PnL with all charges including brokerage with separate format

Hi Pravin & Dhan Team,
Dhan provides the very wonderful trading platform but some more following features are required in the report section,

  1. PnL after deducting charges.
  2. Graphical representation of PnL(in the calender, Green/Red Colour for profit day/loss day).

Like Zerodha console or like that.

These features are very beneficial for all traders.



Hi @nmw

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, we are collating with tons of feedback from users, and we intend to make all data available to our users. On P&L, you will be able to see that in P&L statement, the net is available outside charges by segment.

Yes on #2, we have plans to build a useful tool for traders, and along with that many more insights. Hopefully we shud be able to do those all soon.

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