Prebuild Option Strategy

Hi Team,

I would like to thank for Dhan option section which is available to trade
I have below suggestion

  1. Can we add more prebuild strategies to system as we can see there are few strategies missing in current list like Batman/double condor, double fly those are available in other platform like Opestra Edge and sensibull.

  2. While executing strategy system should execute first buy orders and then sell orders so that all order gets execute without fail. some time it get fail because sell orders get execute first its shows margin error

If you could address above that will be helpful and we can match other competitors like opestra and seunsibull.

Mahesh Limkar

Hi @limkar34

Thank you for your feedback.

We have plans to add more strategies to the pre-built strategies.

In all ready-made strategies, the buy leg is executed before the sell leg. If you encountered an error, it may be because the buy leg failed to execute due to reasons such as low liquidity, pending limit orders, or partial trades etc

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Many thanks for acknowledgement

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