Prefer Dhan over Zerodha from now

Zerodha was in mess today. Could not see positions or exit positions till afternoon. Only god knows what was going on at Zerodha that orders are pending and positions were visible and screen shows BAD GATEWAY and GATEWAY TIMED OUT all the time. Losses were minimum for me but what really shocking was attitude of zerodha management and staff that completely vanished without any accountability putting up message like Incovenience regreted. Despite today massive outage they waive off call and trade charges and still charge brokerage. Zerodha kamath brothers display we dont give a DAMN attitude and no refunds.

Have old account in upstox and new in Kotak securities and Dhan and I must say customer service and management in Dhan and Kotak stay in touch also take accountability. Kotak has hiccups now and then but Dhan has been flawless for months. Seeing how low zerodha can get now i admire the levels of transparency and accountability that new broker like dhan shows.


I traded with zerodha for over 5 yrs. Moved out when I realised that “everything is done for the customer” is just a self promoting punchline with no heart behind it.

Hi @anilg32 - Currently, Dhan has a low user base as compared to the other platforms but I’m sure it’s growing very quickly in terms of number of users and number of orders.

As per the current growth rate I can surely bet that down the line in coming years Dhan will be positioned among top three brokers of the country.

And this is where the real problem starts. The more the user base greater the risk of platform instability. Slower order execution. Failure of one or more systems.

Hence it’s important to chose a platform with low current user base with faster execution (no compromise here).

I have two accounts with Dhan. One for charting purposes and other for purely execution (Don’t worry team both the accounts are male registered).

In parallel I’m keeping track of other two brokers as well (ones with the low userbase and are under-rated). Learning more about their features. Keep suggesting them the required features and etc.

Currently, I’m a Dhan guy and I hope to continue :slight_smile: