Problem with running DHAN on different terminal simultaneously

It is need of trader to run a software at different terminal, simultaneously. I faced this problem several time with DHAN. Suppose I execute a trade on any DHAN terminal it some time not showing on other terminal, until we refresh the terminal. It is a big problem. Suppose I exit the tread but it is not showing on other terminal, you may be panic and again exit from the tread and result is, you again enter in new tread. Certainly, many of you facing this problem, specially for intraday where we have to take design quckly. I complained it severally. But DHAN engineers are silent on this issue.

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Hi @hlmanisha75

Welcome to the Dhan community,

We will look into the concern raised by you, normally it shouldn’t happen as the positions displayed across all our products is in sync.

Nevertheless, it would be really helpful if you could share across a screenshot or video if you face the issue again at

Looking forward to your contribution.