Regarding Nominee declaration

Hi Team,

I’ve opted-out of Nominee declaration.

Will we able to trade without any issues?

I’m asking this because other brokers like Upstox is not allowing to square-off an open position if Nominee is not declared. This is nightmare for a big quantity scalper.

Checkout video -

Kindly provide assurance on trading eligibility if somebody has opted-out of nominee declaration.

@Dhan @PravinJ

Hi @pratik01 Can’t comment on other broking platforms processes. I have addressed this some other thread recently, these are KYC rejections where accounts are made inactive by exchanges as per their KRA status.

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Not letting close the existing position is like throwing someone out of a moving train on finding that the person doesn’t have a valid ticket! And, ignoring the question how the person on boarded the train!!

Yes, we have raised this with the Exchanges, and so have many other brokers as we understand.

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