Request: Addition of quick "TV Chart" button on Indices in-depth page

When we follow top-down approach for trading and start from Indices and then click on Companies tab, the TV chart option doesn’t show up. This leads in difficulty in viewing many charts of different companies forming part of that Index.

For e.g., Let’s see the image placed below:

This is the image of Nifty Consumption. When I go to indices in-depth and then to companies and hover over any of the company name, four options appear: Buy, Sell, Chart and Market Depth.

When we click on chart, the chart of respective scrip opens up on the same tab. Now, this creates a difficulty that when we want to check chart of another scrip, we have to again search for index and repeat the steps above. This is an unnecessary difficulty which can be avoided by providing a TV chart button which opens up the chart in new tab by default.


Noted @Shally. We are looking at rebuilding the company / scrip pages on Dhan web based on the feedback received till now. Will evaluate this as well.