Request to add few features

Hello sir/madam,

I’m the user of Dhan & I want you to add few basic features to Dhan. Following is the list:

  1. Default watchlist for different indices, index, nifty 50, nifty 100, nifty 200, etc

  2. Price alert is the most required thing.(just like in trading view)

  3. Flagging stocks in different colours like in trading view.

  4. If possible add continuous future charts.

  5. Add option chain button shortcut when we move our cursor on stock name in watchlist.

Currently I’m not able to sort stocks alphabetically on

Please do the needful ASAP.

Thank you.

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Hi @dhananjay_d,

Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions, we have noted this.

Just to add, we have given all the futures charts as continuous for daily and above time frames. The near month chart shows all the current month data in the chart. For the intraday time frame, we have kept it from the inception of the contract.

Priority topics for me…
2&4 Most Prior thing to do
5&3 less prior
then rest
Please do

Hi @Achchha_Bachcha

Yes, we have your feedback with us, and we will try to evaluate the possibility to provide this.


most of the features are still remaining