Resolved: Serious issues with Dhan

I use Chrome browser to trade and have started trading on Dhan.
The application hangs often.

Market depth does not move. Have to refresh full page multiple times, every 15-20 minutes.
Lower circuit and upper circuits values are not updated in commodities after first circuit.

Further its, Jan and after March have to file returns and cannot view Profit and loss or trade summaries anywhere.


Hi @pulpfiction,

We would certainly like to help. Request you to drop us an email at with details (screenshot/videos will help). We’ll make sure to look into it with the utmost priority.

Also, you can view/download all statements from the given path - Login to Dhan > My profile > Statements & Reports.

Check the price and circuit prices.
All your fancy products are of no use if core product itself is faulty. Even depth data is not updated real time and every 15 minutes have to refresh page.
Now I have to check some 3rd party tool to fix SL just below circuit limit.

Check this. Refreshed 5 minutes back and again depth quotes are not updating. Look at live price and depth price.

It’s a serious thing to be fixed, quotes should be live for proper order placement to miss any slippage. I am a quick trader and live quotes matter a lot.

I came here only for tradingview charts. Will be shifting back to Zerodha. Have gone through this forum and 95% issues related to core product are unsolved.
For me if core product itself is faulty then no use of fancy things.


Very true !! They should stop asking for it. Everytime i report something ,
they ask for screen recording as if we keep screen recording on all time during trading


They are advertising on Youtube heavily with live streamers. Instead they should ask them to show live trading using DHAN.
If it was a real solid product they would have gone with live trading using DHAN.

Founder is from PAYTM. Paytm have multiple products(can’t even recall) and every product is failing. Founder here with same mind, launching everything and nothing working properly. Seems same strategy, grab VC money and burn it.

Note: nothing here should be taken personally. We are giving honest feedback. Angry because lost money placing orders based on outdated Quote feeds.

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Hi @pulpfiction - exchange data at that time was 12:80 for the price. We will have to check logs why the market depth seems different - it usually should not. If exchange broadcast component works, all aspects of it including market depth work. It’s the same system.

Hi @Redd We do check and monitor our systems all the time. We have thousands of users connected to dhan at any point of time - the reason we ask for videos and screenshots if to understand and know of the issues - and there have been multiple times it has helped us solve it. Us including our teams have got on calls with users because we want to ensure we provide a seamless experience.

Hi @pulpfiction: the personal comment on my connect on paytm is very distasteful, I would also request you to also check a bit more about it - its an open secret. that one aside, all feedback taken.

The forum has issues listed and we solve them. Unlike some of platforms where messages on forums are deleted or need approvals, this is an open one and we rarely delete anything from here. It’s zero moderation and we treat this and also operate this as an open community.


Dear Mr.pravin i can surely understand you are trying to provide a better trading experience to the users. But the real honest fact is that all the mobile app are very snappy. The realtime feed is not updating properly.To be factful i am very feared to place orders on dhan in expiry days in last 1 hour. Market will be highly volatile at that time & even if a few sec mobile app snappy will be impact our P&L heavily.

Regarding core trading, every user needs a very strong core trading platform & smooth trading experience. In fact people are losing money due to wrong data feeds including me.It would be much better if you guys give priority to core trading improvement than other major things.

Please make a importance to core trading improvement each and every day. But dhan is adding new fancy things every now & then but they are not that much important when compared to core trading.
To be precise Mr.pravin most of the users are asking for the

  1. primary Bank modification by online, funds
    3.margin required info in order form & so on.
  2. Better chart loading time
  3. Accurate P&L fluctuation according to price fluctuation
    Its Better to concentrate on features like these than creating a new a website or new app is not a proper solution.
    You can improve other features & developments once the core trading is strong enough.i am sure that dhan will be providing a better trading experience under your management.
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What you do with feedbacks is important. This issue must have been raised at first product release. Must have been faced by first real user and still after so many months its not repaired.

I am on Dhan till March and then will be moving to Zerodha if core product continues to suck.

I am sure with this product you cannot beat Zerodha, Sensibull, upstox etc.

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Have asked our team @Dhan_Help to connect with you. Will check this.

Been facing that. Right now bought and sold Crude Put with 2 Rs. slippage on 2 lots. Thats 400 Rs. Loss.
I sell by looking at quotes and not price.
God knows what tech team is working on from begining. These are part of core and first release.

It seems a platform on par with other VC funded portals. All shines and everything broken.

Ask the team to trade :slight_smile: and check these things.
Or just open watchlist and check the quotes for 30 minutes.

I am that loser. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank god Zerodha account is working.

Zerodha too face technical glitches and that was bad experience.
But wondered why people (including me) were not moving to other brokers, now the reason is clear.

Seems its all about startup valuation game.
Launch Broking, get valuation of Zerodha :slight_smile:
Keep trying to launch option tool, get valuation of Sensibull :slight_smile:
MTF to get some valuation of Bajaj Finance :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep looking what small competitors are doing, keep copying them while sucking at main product.

@PravinJ Please Take this thread seriously, no product can succeed unless core product is perfect. Everything will be built on top of core product. Those paid youtube marketing videos will fail once real users start commenting on Twitter and elsewhere.

I will be using it till March. You gave one year :open_mouth:
Hope they listen and improve things, though I am not hopefull.

Zerodha is successful because founders were traders and they knew what works. If management love the product, and care for users no marketing is required proved by Zerodha.

I will give one example,
Most traded commodity is Crudeoil, Crudeoil settlement is based on WTI prices. Even the price movement is based on WTI prices.
Traders don’t watch Indian pricing charts but WTI charts for trading Crudeoil, Natural gas and multiple commodities.
DHAN got tradingview but world commodity charts do not open in it, have to directly visit TV or :slight_smile: So much brain used for Commodity traders.

Hi @Redd

We checked - on mobile your P&L is generated with 3 closed positions and 2 open positions. And on Web - your P&L is generated with 6 closed positions. A simple refresh would have helped, the screenshot seems to be captured in intermediate state.

Hope this helps.

As an exchange trading member, we cannot show any prices other than what exchanges provide us.