Scalping issues -order placing and p&l reflection

Hi Team ,

Dhan"s trade execution is slow compared to zerodha ( In scalping pov) and soemtimes open positions and p&l is not syncing with mobile app properly.

  • Also i noticed that due to the delay in execution on market orders are being placed at much higher spread.

  • My account manager has also stopped showing for some reason in (How ever i scroll down it is not showing ) which is very frustrating

Please fix these issues as soon as possible.

I hope Dhan can be more Scalper freinly.


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Hi @nidhin_tt

We are checking on this and acknowledged here : Slow order reflection - #3 by Poornima

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This issue i am facing from start of Dhan but yet not resolved. You are right, Dhan is not scalper friendly. So thats why i again shifted to my old broker.

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I agree with the first point,

there is too much delay from scalping point of view. and would request @PravinJ and Dhan team to please improve the order execution speed. it’s really disappointing to see trade exited in profit, goes into loss or loses the desired profit. other than scalping every thing is fantastic and works flawless for me.

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