Session volume profile indicator

kindly give us option for Session volume profile, though it is in tool box, but we have to apply it for each day mannually, but in GOCHARTING the option is automatic, if u select it will appear for all day just a option click.

Hi @SM70

We do have option of Volume Profiles as technical indicator. Here is the list :point_down:

  • Volume Profile Fixed Range
  • Volume Profile Visible Range
  • Volume Oscillator
  • On Balance Volume
  • Price Volume Trend

Hope this helps!

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Can you please provide this extend right option, this is first time i have seen some broker providing the fixed range vol profile which makes me easy to trade . However recently TV upgraded this option of automatic extend which is really helpful. Please work on it

Hi @SM70 @1111

Noted. Surely ask TV to extend this feature to partners.

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sure thanks, it will be great help.No more separate TV account required

Thank you for these indicators. Unfortunately this does not serve the purpose of sessions volume profile. I hope we get the one thats functions as such, i.e., a volume profile that automatically plots volume profile for each trading day

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Any update on this feature??