SL executed 15 minutes earlier. Could be a serious issue or a bug

I am currently testing Dhan with small orders and found one more bug on the second day itself. My SL order for HPCL got executed 15 minutes earlier. The chart levels are different and order values are different. My SL was at 230.65 and it got executed at 1:15pm candle which never reached my SL level.

I am attaching two screenshots. The chart shows different level of execution 230.35 while the SL order shows 230.65 while the candle on which the order got executed never reached 230.65

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think something is not right here. I am trading with espresso on daily basis from last 2 months and never experienced wrong order execution.

Hi @jay,

Request you to write to us with your registered details, so we can check this specific case and address it.

Dhan Customer Support.

It’s a high possibility that the price didn’t got printed on the bar, but it actually reached on the tape. It happens as exact bars are not printed at times.

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i checked with a chart from another platform, which i always take as having more reliable prints. Yes, 230.65 was breached at 13:31 as per chart reading.

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I am attaching screenshots from four different sources and all are showing it never reached that level. Hence, there is some other issue and probably a bug. A gap of .30 paisa in a liquid stock of 229 rupees is not possible without candle print (as far as i know).

Hey @jay ,

You can verify the the executed order and price at NSE Website

Hope this helps!