Slippage in market orders, sl, and slow execution of trailing sl

I am facing slippage issue while placing market order in both buy and sell side and that too with a big diff like 5-7 rs in bank nifty & other index option price (I mostly use for that). This made scalping trades very difficult and unrewarding. Also many times stop loss gets hits in advance just when trigger price reached. On One or two incident the stoploss hits while chart showing price never reached that price(i double checked it with other broker’s options chart also).

One more issue is with trailing sl feature, often when trailing sl trigger price reached order execution there is very slow. Almost every time sl hits on the reversal of price (like price first moves below my sl point and if it again turns upwards then only it takes sl otherwise I have to manually exit order. One more thing with trailing sl order is it remains pending under TSL tab whether it is executed or not and sometimes its just sleeping there without doing anything, we have to manually delete it after squaring off our position. Due to this reliability of this feature is also under suspension.

One more thing I want to give a suggestion, Please make trigger price optional atleast for the sl order because it takes time. Many a times price movement are so swift that it not gives enough time to fill two prices for a single order, lets make trigger price automatic same as sl price or just make it optional not a compulsion.

Looking forward for a positive action from your side on above stated points and suggestion.

Thanks in advance


That slippage issue i am facing from day one and updated too many times but yet i did not found improvement. So for scalpers it is impossible to place order at market price. I cross checked it with other brokers also and found that 1 or 2 rs slippage is there also sometimes it may happen with huge diff(in rare case) but incase of Dhan for every order this thing happens.


Yes you’re right but Small slippage is acceptable but not like 5-7 rs.

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yeahh fully agree… good valuable suggestions… specially that trigger order two prices me se automatic 2nd price update vala suggestion is gem :gem:

even in Instant order there is a problem when we want to create trigger sloploss order through + sign… it gives error everytime(just because auto price stay same, even though it has option for placing trigger order through + sign. A minor tweaks of different price can enable this feature… but unfortunately they are not correcting or fixing this issue… @Naman

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Varsha ji, Please try main Buy/Sell button on bookmark tab on TV.Dhan, there you will not need +sign for the trigger order and order window size of that is also normal not like multiscreen buy/sell button which occupied all the space on screen. Just select the screen and try that button. But do remember to check your position like intraday or normal because Intraday is the Predefault setting there and no setting provide to us to make Normal order as default. That worked for both Sl and for new position above trigger price.

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yeahh ,exactly using that feature currently for the temporary solution ! :slight_smile:

but believe me that + sign for trigger stoploss order gonna be really helpful particularly when u want to enter with quick define stoploss for scalping purpose :slight_smile:
and if + sign trigger orders starts working then it will automatically fetch different sell price over trigger price and exactly the solution of (writing two different price everytime) what u suggested.

On the topic of slippages in Market Order …

@Varsha777 @RahulSinghal - can you pls elaborate on what workaround works; While i await official response on the other thread. I couldn’t gather the steps from your posts;

just now read your post at the other thread… understood the pain !

well, we weren’t discussing about slippages. we were talking about trigger stoploss order which we can place via the top bar of the Tv.dhan (B & S button in the TOP bar) , while on the chart if u have enabled instant orders and want to place stoploss trigger order… then u can’t place it via + button so for that solution we are using Top bar’s B or S button to place trigger order and there we have to type two different prices quickly. so was suggesting team to enable + sign trigger order the the same way we can place normal quick order via chart. hope u got our discussion !

Sunitha ji, thank you for sharing screenshot of your that order. Because I didn’t take any screenshot for that to prove it actually happens. I faced this problem with few broker’s too but no one wants to deal with it. So as a precaution I always prefer to place limit order, but because of this missed lot of opportunities to enter the trade on right time many times. And you will be surprised to know that I missed a few order just by a tick (0.05 paisa). I am amazed by the accuracy of the system but somehow its not working on my favour(perhaps Destiny’s magic).

Recently I tried again to take scalping trades on mkt order but problem remains same. I thought that I shall share this with Dhan community because dhan’s senior people also reply there but after full 24 hours no one from dhan’s team acknowledge this issue. So i guess we have to bear with it. And changing broker because of any issue is neither convenient nor a solution because I already tried few and this particular problem is present everywhere and getting used to with different trading terminal takes time.
But still I am hoping that Dhan wants to improve their platform and user experience and will take some step in this matter. Otherwise what’s the benefit/purpose of this community section.

If any big shot trader reads this thread please raise this issue with higher authorities also, how exchanges allowed this to happen(it’s like freak trade for me).

Market order - order is executed at the best available price. As liquidity dries up the bid - ask spread could be wide and execution happens at prices inferior to expectation. The solution is only to put limit orders or trade with highly liquid instruments alone if slippage need to be minimal with market order. With limit orders there is no guarantee that execution will happen unless there is a willing counterparty at the specified limit price. All these are part of the market phenomenon and no broker can do anything about it.

Stop Loss Order - without the trigger price an order is just a limit or market order. So how can trigger price be made optional for a stop loss order ?

Intraday charts can have missing ticks giving an illusion that price never reached our expected price. This is a limitation of technology.

Also a tick on chart at a certain price doesn’t mean that our order is filled at that price. Order is filled only if there are sufficient counterparties. What we see on the chart may be someone else’s trade at a certain price.

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Thanks bro, I note down every point you mention here and post it in my book when complete my thesis. It will be easier for me to remember if you have any Name!
Thanks a lot :pray: :pray:

@RahulSinghal glad to be of help. The info I shared however shouldn’t be credited to me because it is already out there. I may have phrased it in a custom manner. That is all.

If you want to know more about me I have shared a bit about me here - Share your story, Introduce yourself 👋. May be you can share your story here as well.