Some Improvement Needed in Dhan App UI

i. Side Panel

  1. Rounded corner looks terrible. Use google’s default side panel option will be much better.
  2. Space Waste
  3. Funds in account is too wide. Can have amount in second line and reduce overall wideness of entire side panel. I have pretty big mobile still its very hard to click other then side panel to go back to home.
  4. Too many too many options. Some options is not needed at all. I always have to be careful to press login desktop option.

ii. Calender option

Use by default Android/iOS calendar option

iii. Duplicate Pages all over the app and too many options in every section

iv. Basket Order

Too much cluttered. No one can see at first glance what is this. Has to pay attention in particular sections to get some information

v. Portfolio Page

  1. Too much space wasted. Try to minimize overall invested and profit
  2. Everywhere in App this filter/sort by option is badly designed. We can not see all the details of the stocks. And also the space is wasted between sort by menu and navigation menu

vi. Order Page

Change this option into Tabs instead of this weird rounded shapes

vii. Stock Holding Page

Add Chart first then investment details
Speaking of charts:

  1. Time to build from scratch. Extremely slow. I know you have a dedicated server to run charts but still it is not loading. When I was taking below screenshot 1d and 5d chart was not even working.

  2. Chart does not have any price. I don’t what is the use of this chart. I can not see how much percent it went up or down in that timeframe. The tradingview option takes too much time to load and display the chart

Overall entire UI can be improved. Try using Material Design and Simplify the options everywhere. May be time to launch Dhan 2.0
Logo can be modernized but that is your choice

Note: I just created an account so it is not allowing me multiple embedded photos or more than 2 links so included Google Photos links.

Google Photos Link:

Sorry for the bad feedback but want Dhan to improve and grow.
BTW when mutual fund is launching.


Hi @arpit

We have taken note of your suggestion and will share them with our concerned team for further review

  1. and 2. To learn about 1D and 5D charts, click on the chart symbol, and the chart will open Tv and Chart IQ.