Sorting is not working correctly in TV watchlist

Have attached both screenshot in tv instead of name it says symbol in watchlist header, however it shows name only of script in watchlist so header should also be name like dhan web watchlist. One more thing I noticed is that the watchlist of both dhan web and TV don’t sync automatically I need to clear cache and re-login to see synced changes fix that as well.


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Hi @Sahil,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting checked.

Hi @Sahil,

Stocks are fetched as per their exchange code which you can see when you hover over a scrip name. Hence the sorting is done accordingly. We will check the possibilities and try to enhance this feature. Thank you!

Moreover, watchlist do not sync automatically as of now you need to refresh the page.

hey @Poornima
Yes if we could sort by name that would be more natural then by scrip code. I tried refreshing the page as well still watchlist didn’t synced, only after clearing cache and re-login is syncing watchlist this is a bummer. I think we should do something about this as well.

Hi @Sahil,

We will surely consider your suggestions to enhance this feature. Thank you!