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Greetings all!

We are so happy that Quantman integrated with Dhan successfully. Quantman is a powerful tool for building strategies and back testing strategies in the algo trading arena. Quantman Algo trading platform allows you to test your hypotheses and find patterns of profitable trades that you can deploy live using a single click. Quantifying your trading strategy is just the beginning. Once you’ve created your strategy and proven its efficacy through back testing, we will turn it into a live strategy for you!

The platform is built on advanced analytics and enables traders to create their own strategy in tough markets by back testing their ideas with past 5+ years data for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Equity and other instruments.

Simple way to use Quantman efficiently in your Trading journey

Launch official website

Login with Dhan broker through Quantman.

Select Create Strategy tab after Quantman login.

Select the time period you want to back test your strategy.

Choose the instruments as your wish for trading such as Nifty, Bank Nifty, ICICI etc.

Define your Entry/Exit conditions by using Quantman built in indicators and custom signals.

Choose your transactions based on your trading condition such as Straddle, Strangle etc.

Run Back test to check how it performed in previous year market conditions.

Modify your strategy till it produces desired results as you wish.

Once you are happy with back test results, simply select “Deploy Strategy in Live Market” from Quantman Dashboard, and the strategy will be deployed automatically.

Are you looking for better support for your Algo trading? We have everything in place to help

  • We are there to support you when you feel you need someone to check your issues. Quantman offers excellent customer support services, in case you need any advice or help on how to solve the problem. One thing we can assure is that after solving your query or issue, we will be available to answer any questions too.
  • Quantman Marketplace is a treasury as we provide many profitable strategies and Premium strategies with adjustment to our customers. You can deploy in live and enjoy the benefits of being a Quantman trader.
  • Quantman is a sophisticated, advanced and innovative trading platform that enables you to trade in your convenient way. You can trade in live Market
  • by completely automated
  • by confirming orders through phone call (one-click option)
  • Paper trade to observe your strategy performance.
  • Quantman have option builder features to define your Directional and Non-Directional strategies.
  • In Quantman, modify your strategies using more indicators or other custom signals such as Days to expiry, technical indicators, Opening range or candle at specified time period, Day of week / Time of Day. We offer the possibility to automate your perfect strategy, making it possible to beat the market even with a small amount of capital.
  • Quantman supports both Intraday and Positional trade setup for your trading.
  • Quantman allows you to place order in Option trading with various conditions such as Spot Based Strike Index or Future Based Strike Index or Premium or Standard Deviation.
  • Quantman have great adjustment features for Options trading. We provide perfect algorithms for your trading and great adjustability features for your Pro strategy.
  • Quantman enables customers to design Pair trading strategy by using maximum 4 different instruments such as ICICI, HDFC, SBIN, IDFC.

Quantman is a complete system-based trading company with a team of highly skilled professionals. The Quantman team is excited to bring you a complete system that will allow you to trade with great opportunities and avoid losses by using suitable strategy that suits to your trading style.

Pandiarajan Murugesan

CEO & Founder at Quantman


Hi @Pandiarajan ,

Welcome to the Dhan community!

We are glad to partner with Quantman and we are sure Dhan traders and investors will be immensely benefitted.

Looking forward to enhancing the trading experience of all the Indian traders together!