Strategy Builder for Currency & Commodity

Hello, I just opened a new account in dhan. I am really satisfied with the account. The simplicity is what I appreciate. The web portal is very simple & easy to use & you get all that required to trade in single pane. That’s wonderful ! But I have few suggestions. I hope you will look into it.

  1. In options trader platform, there is no strategy builder option for currency & commodity. In current days more & more traders are focusing on currncy & commodity as ROI is better in both the instruments. Also, traders are trading in currency & commodity options more than futures. I suggest you to make a place for currency & commodity option strategy builder facility.

  2. When I make a basket order can there be any option to analyze my trade from basket itself ? You may provide a link to option trader platform to analyze trade from basket. That would be simpler to analyze the trade & execute the order faster.

    All the features provided by dhan for traders are fantastic. Thanks for that but I urge you to include currency & commodity segment in options trader platform.

Thank you !

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Hi @Niranjan, Thanks for your kind words and welcome to Dhan.

On first, yes - we do see traders now increasing their participation on Commodity Trading a lot and bit bump up on Currency Trading as well. Yes - introducing strategy builder and bringing more insights and analysis on both these segments is on our list to do. We expect to bring that in new few months, or even earlier if possible. You can read a bit more on more features and offerings for Commodity Trading here: Commodity Trading Experience on Dhan - Simple, Smooth, & Seamless!

On second, yes - we will consider this. We, will announce analyze of open positions on Options Trader web soon, it is being rolled out to all users. We will consider extending the same to basket as well.


Hi @Niranjan

I hope you’re doing well!

We have exciting news for you! You can now create, execute, and track your strategies on the Commodities & Currency markets using the Options Trader Web with Custom Strategy Builder.

Learn more about this feature here: link to the feature details

We have also made a detailed walkthrough of the feature, watch here :point_down:

We can’t wait to hear about your experience using the feature. Please do share your feedback with us!