Strategy Snaps is having issue on the options trader platform

@PravinJ @Naman

I have observed that whatever snaps that we are taking after building any strategy on the Dhan options trader platform that was only displayed on the device that we have used to take the strategy snaps if I will switch to the browser / accessing my account from some other machines/browsers that was not visible this is very frustrating ideally taken strategy snaps will be synced across the devices and browsers and one more issue that if you taking strategy snaps into an incognito mode of the browser and refreshing the page it will not retain the taken snap and default strategy will be displayed.

Can u please address this problem?

Thanks & Regards,
Fremil Modi.

Hi @Fremil1992 Yes, Strategy Snaps are designed to be like that. It’s only maintained in the current session, are flushed out on logout.

But if someone has deployed strategy in a weekly / monthly basis than every day they need to add the prices for the strikes manually.? Than what is the meaning of this.

Yes, for same reason we introduced baskets where same can be saved. Existing positions, we also have enabled viewing payoff graphs on same.

I have saved my strategy through one basket but while I am opening that basket it will only give me the option to execute the basket before executing the basket if I would like to see the payoff graph than how can I show to through the saved basket.?

Hi @Fremil1992

Yes, we understood your point, at this moment you have the opportunity to reapply your saved strategies in the strategy builder and visualize the payoff graph.

@PravinJ @Naman you know this option strategy builder for me is useless why I am saying this because it will not give the option to add the exit price every option strategy tool gives you the option to add the exit price and that is the right thing to visualize your expected profit and loss after adjustments here if am doing any adjustment with my deployed strategy so it’s next to impossible that I will not remove any early entry leg or so if I am removing any early entry leg with some certain price in which I am booking some Profit and loss so how it should be with your platform it only gives me the option to remove the leg instead of provide me with an option to book the profit/loss for that leg and at the end if I am watching the actual profit and loss through P&L table/payoff graph it will give me the different result. let me give you an example through images.

in the first image of the different options strategy builder tools, I can see my exact P&L even after making adjustments.

in the 2nd image, I have used your option builder where the last 4 legs I have exited at a certain price but due to the lack to add the exit price option I unchecked those exited legs.

and in the 3rd image I am trying to analyze my current P&L along with my adjustments it shows me the wrong figure why because your builder doesn’t track the exited price how do you call it an option strategy builder if I need to remember my exit price manually than what is the meaning to use this automated tool / you guys have taken an assumption that once people will deploy the strategy he/she will not do any adjustments.? with this tool you have not thought for the usability point of view.

@PravinJ @Naman if you can share your thoughts on this if needed I am happy to explain this thing over a call as well if you guys are not understanding through explanation.

due to the new user limitation on the community page, I am unable to attach all of the images but I have shared the all images through email kindly check and revert back to me on this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Fremil Modi.

Hi @Fremil1992

Thanks for reaching out to us. You have raised same concern on the mail as well. Think our team is already connected with you there.

We launched this product 5 months back and this just the early version of product. We have a lot of features planned in the roadmap. We completely understand your use case for strategy builder and have made note of your suggestion. We will definitely try to incorporate this in our roadmap. To start, we haven’t made this feature to save & track a particular strategy, this is made primarily to built custom strategy, either to execute or save as basket. Needless to say, saving a strategy is already in our roadmap and will soon plan to roll out for all the users.

@Fremil1992 we have an update! You can now save strategy snaps -Update: On Custom Strategy Builder, now you can save your Strategy Snaps