Strike price of commodities in option chain

Dear sir
The option chain of commodities, does not show live strike price. Strike price shown remains fixed and does not change with market.

Please fix it as it creates confusion

Hi @sunilchhajwani,

In the case of Commodities, only Futures and Options(Calls and Puts) are tradeable, for which we show live prices. The spot price is not tradeable and is shown as received from the exchange.

This is as per industry standards, which you may compare with any other source. All platforms primarily show the Future price as the real-time price.

Unlike equity options where the underlying is spot, the commodity options underlying is futures and devolve into futures at the end of their life. So please use the futures to determine the ATM Strike. I have made similar request in the past as well.

As @sunilchhajwani points out current system of slow changing spot price is very confusing to the trader.

Yes @t7support

We already have your feedback here. And we are updating it, starting from the option chain. You will see the changes in the upcoming versions.

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