Suggestion for options

Dhan team,

While selling an option, can you please provide the option to instantly hedge the position by buying an option simultaneously. Which strike price to select will depend on the premium.


This way I don’t need to manually buy an option or create a basket. Thus, saving time and executing the trades instantly.



Hi @Chinmay,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will surely explore if we can bring it.

Hi @Chinmay,

Just wanted to know if you have tried our new Options Trader platform. This gives you an option to customize strategies per your view, and margin required is also updated as per your strategy. Since there are many ways to create a hedge and reduce margin, here you get to decide instead of the system giving just one random option.

We also have a Fast create option

Request you to give a try.

@Poornima Thank you madam for considering my suggestion. Yes this is very much possible. This feature it can be enable/disable with a switch on the order window itself. And once enabled this will become a basket order.

Yes @JayK sir, I have tried the Options Trader platform. But there I have to manually select a strike. The feature request I am asking for is that the system automatically selects the strike price based on the premium.

I usually sell options ATM plus minus 1 and buy OTM around price 40-50 or 10-15 on expiry. I am asking about the this hedge option which gets selected automatically based on the premium.