Suggestion for Personal Statistics Section To build super trader

First of all guys, you are doing a great job that nobody is doing in the industry

I have some important requested features
As you know what is the value of data, data is the king
By seeing data we know in what area we are good, and in which area needs improvement (that helps the trader to improve on trading)
As you made a Dhan app for a super trader
So I thought if you guys made these changes to Dhan’s “personal statistics” section
Features request list (Must)

  1. Largest winning trade
  2. Largest losing trade
  3. Longest winning strick
  4. Longest losing strick
  5. Total trade cost(brokerage and Tax)
  6. Account growth %
  7. Average risk per trade
  8. Average loss per trade
  9. max drawdown
  10. Total profit and loss
  11. Number of trades ( you guys are already sowing)
  12. Number of winning trade
  13. Number of losing trade
  14. Number of break-even trade
  15. Total win rate
  16. Average trade hold time
  17. Average trade hold time for the winner
  18. Average hold time for loser
  19. Total deposit
  20. Total withdrawal

I am attaching the excel sheet that I mentioned for my trade log
I request you guys’ please if possible, make this change in Dhan that Helps for building the future Trader (that’s your goal)


Thank you @Rohitsingh, these are some fantastic suggestions.

We have your email with us, as well as DMs you shared with our customer service team and also with me on Twitter. We collate all the feedback and suggestions we receive. We will work on this and announce it when we start working on this.

Trader community in India does need better tools for them to stay in control of their trades, manage risk and make profits from market. We are working on some of these ideas.