The amount of time taken by charts to load is very long

Chart opening and switching from one chart to another takes more than 10 seconds its really time consuming and annoying if you want to do multiple time frame analysis or wanna check multiple stocks i checked the isseu with 2 other broker who alos provides tv platform before raising the topic please resolve the problem as soon as possible as you know no one wants to use the website which takes more than 2-5 seconds to load

Facing the same issue, switching between timeframes takes a lot of time.

I was facing same issue yesterday even with 100 mbps fiber network. Today, the load time is better with same browser and same network. That means, something is actually wrong with Dhan’s backend. It is annoying for intraday traders.

Same i also got fiber

Hi @jay @omkar
We tried on our end on multiple system and this is working fine. Still, we will again replicate the same thing what you mentioned above and optimise it.

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It is not happening today. But, yesterday I was facing delay until market close. I will try to do screen capture next time it happens.

@Naman Hello sir I just captured my screen regarding issue if you want i can share it with you on email

@jay @omkar ,

Its always a best practice to clear your cookies (both browser and System) very often. Once your trade is taken / exited.

take a step to press cntrl + shift + R and after day close (market) and at day beginning (pre market) try to clear browser cookies for the day…

Alternatively try using ignetio or private mode from your browser ( i prefer brave browser instead chrome)

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I dont think that can be issue because charts are loading superfast with other brokers and on main trading view platform i mean my browser is not racist regarding dhan lol :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

@omkar , I understand your point. you know what zerodha has launched lite version of charting library after getting 3 years of continuous bombarding from users like us… i meant zerodha was no good initially…

same with fyers at present. they have improved the loading time last week only. fyers took 2 years

Dhan is still a baby in terms of time… hang on…

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@Shylaja ok still I just raised my issue so they can know and work on it @Naman and ther is problem with renko charts as well like the open and high remains same most of the time when i switch time frame of renko chart but on grow it changes i was not aware about it before but for 2 days i am using grow because of chart loading issue so i will also like to note it here
I mean difference between open and high price for differnt time frames changes in grow but not on dhan and i am facing chart loading issue since march 31

here is a post where i raised same issue before

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One of my browser is dedicated for Dhan trading only because I recently installed my OS again. I am not opening any other website on that browser. Still, one day load time is longer and the other day it is shorter.
I understand that Dhan is in a early stage of development, but their main goal should be to keep the trading experience as smooth as possible before adding more features. Features are required but not on the cost of slow load time.
I do have accounts with Fyers & Zerodha, the charts load perfectly fine of fyers but their systems are not reliable. I use to trade a lot on fyers but stopped after getting random down times. Dhan is far better in terms of system reliability, but there are lot of things to do.
I will compose a post where I will point very important improvements and small features which are absolutely required by most day traders. To be honest, dhan do have potential, but only if they keep the system reliable, smooth & listen to their customers.

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To me,

Reliability = Zerodha :100:

Availability and Support = Dhan :100:

Wishing @Dhan superior performance in all the aspects.


Thanks @pushpa

Also hey @omkar feedback noted and acknowledged on this by @Naman. We will relook at entire charts performance from scratch and ensure this is faster.

One of the things we have focussed on (I am not sure if this is reason for any lag) is that we use latest libraries of TradingView than many brokers do, (btw many use outdated ones).

We also have also build custom integrations that enable Trade from Charts and Native Order Experience of TradingView on Dhan. We wrote about this here - Introducing Instant Orders + Trade Directly from TradingView Charts


Dhan Trading view charts are hanging frequently… I tested with fyers and trading view charts both chart prices are moving smoothly but Dhan charts are hanging sometimes it is very difficult to trade intraday by seeing Dhan charts… I thought internet issue but with same speed fyers nd trading view prices are not stopping kindly check this issue and provide lighting experience as you guys are promised

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