TOTP based 2FA?


Will the feature to authenticate login using Google Authenticator be coming to Dhan App and Web?

Hi @ayaan

Existing levels of authentication are adequate on Dhan at this time. On Mobile, this gets linked to your FaceID or FingerPrint.

No plans at this moment, when we evaluate we will announce in upcoming features.

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Yes @PravinJ.

According to the compliance of NSE, the app is fine as it has biometric login but for web where biometric login can’t be possible for majority users, a possesion factor will need to be implemented by 30th September’22.

Yes, our systems get audited for these. Your Mobile Number + Password is first factor authentication and PIN on web is 2-factor authentication at this moment.

We will evaluate the options on this soon, most likely - the login will be moved to QR code scan only, which is possession factor.

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QR based scan is fine for single accounts but those who manage multiple accounts, TOTP is the best solution because it is not feasible to login on mobile app for every account or request for SMS/email OTP.

Cross platform authenticator apps like Authy can also be installed on laptops and phones (Mac/Windows/Android/iOS) and TOTP codes are synced across all devices and one can easily login on any account purely from laptop without touching a mobile device.

Those who only trade on mobile devices, for them device lock like fingerprint is the fastest method. Those with just 1 or 2 account and who also trades on laptops - scanning QR code or getting OTP may be fine as well but when managing more than 3 accounts - it becomes very difficult to login. For such cases - TOTP is the best solution as multiple accounts can be setup in one single TOTP app which allows easy and fast login on any platform. @PravinJ