Trade like a SuperTrader with Dhan - A Better Trading Experience!

Every good trader will tell you they have super-powers! We will sum them up for you - Discipline, Patience and a Trading Strategy they rely on.

It’s been a while (five months) now that we opened up Dhan for our users. And with that, we have constantly and meticulously worked one thing - to be a great companion for a Super Trader. We have and continue to review all feedback, suggestions and conversations, it helps us make Dhan better everyday for Traders.

For now, we sit back and list down all the awesome & incredible features we have made available for Traders on Dhan. Here is a list, and there are many more coming your way :slight_smile:

First - The Basics for Traders

  • All Segments: on Dhan you can trade in Equity (Intraday & Delivery), Options, Futures, Commodities and Currency segments.
  • All Orders: All popular order types are available - Market, Limit, Trigger, Bracket, Cover
  • Add Stop-Loss: Yes, you can add Stop-Loss to any open position.
  • Trade from Charts: Yes, and with awesome experience.

1. Manage Trading Positions like Pro-Trader

Every trader takes multiple positions in a day, and every position is important. At Dhan, we are possibly the only one to introduce a detailed and in-depth view for Traders to manage your position. With Dhan you can,

  • Visual P&L span for your daily trading positions
  • Add a Stop-Loss to your open position - with Limit or Trigger price
  • Track every trade you make, in-depth and in-real time.
  • Split view of Profit & Loss positions
  • Ability to exit positions - all, or just in profits or ones in loss.
  • Visual time-alerts and push notifications for positions about to square-off by 3:20 PM
  • Reverse positions in Single-tap
  • Single-tap view to manage existing positions on Charts
  • And many more incremental views for managing positions :slight_smile:

2. Baskets for Multiple-Orders

Do you know a trader who doesn’t like to basket orders? Well there are none, and we work very hard to ensure we give you the best experience with Basket Orders:

  • Create Baskets with any order type and in any segment
  • Dual mode for every basket - Normal & In-Execution, so you know which one you are executing.
  • Margin Benefits: All orders in baskets are adjusted for margin benefits, and you see all margins, as usual on Dhan - in real-time
  • Fast manage your orders - Duplicate orders, Add, Create, Delete them - it’s all quick!
  • Control Center for your Baskets
  • Baskets on Dhan are also extended to TradingView ( and if you are also a TradingView fan, you can trigger execution of baskets using webhooks provided by Dhan.

3. Technical Indicators with Technical Order

For fans of technical indicators, on Dhan, we introduced all-important technical indicators that are built-in for every scrip/stock on Dhan - be it on the App or Web.

  • All Pivots (Classic & Fibonacci) with Supports (S1, S2 & S3) & Resistances (R1, R2 & R3) - all of them beautifully plotted on Dhan and in real-time with respect to its Live Prices.
  • Moving Averages: 5 DMA / 10 DMA / 20 DMA / 50 DMA / 100 DMA
  • Technical Indicators: All important ones, including RSI (14), MACD (12,26), and many more
  • And to top it all - Place Technical Orders right away with Pivot Scale available on the Order Placement screen.

4. Instant Pledge for Margin Benefits

It often happens that you get a perfect trading opportunity but your funds are allocated elsewhere! It’s annoying, right?

  • Pledge Instantly on Dhan, see your Margin Benefit available in real-time
  • Unpledge over the weekend, so you enjoy the benefits of margin through the trading view.
  • Sell with Instant Un-pledge: First in the industry, when you sell any stock that is pledged, it is instantly unpledged along with the sell request. There is no need to unpledged separately.

So, Now never miss such an opportunity we have introduced Pledge Shares for Additional Margin Benefit. You neither have to square off the existing position nor you have to sit back and regret the missed opportunity.

5. Trade Directly from TradingView Charts

Traders love TradingView, we heard then and which is why we have partnered with TradingView to enable so many on product features for you:

  • Trade on Charts (on, which includes trading on Options, Futures, Equity, Commodities and Currency - everything in real-time.
  • Basket Orders (with margin benefits) on TradingView.
  • Option Chain with deep ITM & OTM options to trade (and Greeks!).
  • Futures Chain on TradingView
  • Manage Positions, P&L, Portfolio, and more on TradingView
  • Any many more incredible ones

That’s not all, if you are a fan of many of the custom indicators on TradingView, and also a user of pinescript, then you shouldn’t miss on the webhooks that Dhan provides you to trade :slight_smile:

6. Live Market Scanners

All Supertraders have their own trading strategies. But the challenge is to find the script with the same satisfying conditions. Imagine a tool that feeds for the scripts which meet certain conditions in real-time, as they happen. Yes, that’s possible and it is called Live Market Scanners.

  • Scan markets in real-time!
  • Covers all F&O stocks, Nifty 50, Nifty 100, Nifty 200 & Nifty 500 stocks
  • Over 20+ scanners, tracking price movements and break-outs

With Live Market Scanner you can find stocks that breached their pivot, and had given breakout on support and resistance level. Or a stock that is on days/weeks/years high or low.

In a day, over 5000+ live scans are generated on an average, and as bonus - we also tweet select random live scans in regular intervals over Twitter on @DhanLive ( 11).

7. Advanced Charting for Traders

Beyond our deeper integrations with TradingView, Dhan understands this very well and provides traders many subtle integrations and features that make their trading experience awesome!

  • Full-screen Chart experience on Web & App
  • On Dhan Mobile Apps, along with charts you can Buy/Sell, Manage Positions, View Trades, and more
  • Trade from Charts - tap, drag and scroll to add orders
  • Instant Orders from Chart, Yes!
  • Dual-mode to place order - Dhan as well as TradingView
  • Auto-save layouts, available across all platforms
  • Over 100+ popular indicators from TradingView
  • Built-in popular indicators like CPR (weekly & daily)
  • All popular time-frames for charts - Minutes (1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,75,125), Hours (1,2,3,4) and Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Trading Mode & Full-Screen Mode also available on Dhan web.

And yes of course, beyond this - we also provide the option for you to toggle between charting solutions - TradingView & ChartIQ.

8. Reverse Order: Make Money both ways

Markets are moody. A stock might start bullish and then suddenly market sentiments change and the stock tanks. So, as a trader, to make a profitable trade it’s important to go with the market sentiment.

  • Simpler and smooth - Reverse Your Position with a single tap.
  • Reverse Position for all Trading Positions
  • Saves time, and also money - in a single leg you exit your previous position and enter in a new one.
  • From bullish to bearish and vice versa. Available on the Dhan app and coming soon on the web too!

9. For Option Traders, there’s always more on Dhan

Trading in Options now is what Super-Traders love, and we always want traders to know the risks associated with them before they are aware of the Rewards. Traders like you love to trade Futures & Options but, due to limited and complex data, it was difficult until now.

With Dhan, Option Trades now can

  • Place Orders in deep OTM / ITM options
  • Trade on Options of your choice, no restrictions as long as OI in => 10
  • Advanced Option Chain now available on Web / App interfaces of Dhan, both simple enough for you to understand, interpret and trade!
  • To make it simpler, you can view all Calls / Puts with their Live Price and change, Strike Price, Premiums, Volume, Open Interest & Implied Volatility.
  • Greeks for Options Traders, live on TradingView ( and soon on App & Web.
  • Live Market Scanners for F&O Stocks
  • Discover Top Traded Index & Stock Options, in addition to this quick overview of OI Gainers, OI Losers, Price Gainers & Price Losers.
  • Get Margin Benefits with Basket Orders for Options Trading
  • Instant Pledge for Margins
  • Expiry Day, trade till 3:20 PM
  • And of course, you can trade on charts in real-time for Options on

And there are lots of more products, features, and offerings on Dhan to give you an incredible trading experience that an Options Trade always wants.

10. Stay on Top of the Market

You wouldn’t disagree with this - a trader needs to be on top of the market, more specially on the few stocks or indices he or she trades on every now and then.

Here is what Dhan helps you for staying on top of the market:

  • Index Tracker - all key indices, available for you on Dashboard.
  • 1000+ stocks can be tracked in Watchlist (100 stocks x 10 watchlists)
  • 250+ price alerts for you
  • Discover all markets, in every segment - Equity, ETFs, Futures, Options, Commodities & Currency
  • Live Market Scanners (we spoke of this)
  • Technicals and Indicators (we spoke of this)
  • AlphaView (are you beating the markets, Dhan shows in real-time)

And many multiple ways for you to know what’s on the market. Always on Dhan!

11. Superfast Trading APIs from DhanHQ

Last, but not least - Superfast Trading APIs from DhanHQ. Build and trade as you want with our APIs. Connect with apps, algo programs, and platforms or build your own - all & more, free of cost to you.

Discover more on

More is coming your way…

For all of us at Dhan, we are on a journey to build an awesome trading experience for our users - delivered to you via our Apps (Android & iOS), Web (, integrations ( and APIs (

We just got started, and we want to Raise The Bar even further. Do experience these features and let us know your feedback to help us build & improve further! :smiley:


First solve the basket order fund requirement issue asap. I have opened account in dhan but not able to trade due to this issue

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Hi @deepak9012 ,

Yes, we are aware of it, and are already working on improving the basket order fund communication.

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Do it asap. As i have seen the same issue was arised 5 months before but till now you are searching a solution for it. Mark my word if you solve the issue and do it like zerodha you will see 6 million traders with you like zerodha. Because your app is very good compared to other brokers. Most of the traders like zerodha because of its seemless fast and eye pleasing application platform. I have used more than 20 brokers in my trading career of 10 years but i am still with zerodha. So now understand why so many traders like zerodha. I want to switch to other platform but not able to do that’s the specialty of zerodha. But your app is looking good after zerodha. So be serious in your business if u really want grow like zerodha.

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I’m using tradingview for ‘Fix range Volume profile’ Indicator. It will be good if we can get it with Dhan.
As your tagline says ‘lightning fast’ but do you really think it is? Need some improvement on legging order execution.