TradingView premarket candle

If we see Daily candlestick Open High Low Close is correct, but if we see in smaller ( Minutes or Hourly) timeframe high low of daily range is shown incorrect. Lower than their day range. Kindly fix the issue. It is a cause of loss in day trading.

Hi @NitinUppal, can you share more details… what are you comparing this with, please check data on NSE for reference.

Request you to go through this as well: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

There is some difference in high and low price. I have marked daily candle open high low than I have change the timeframe to smaller. I have seen that open price is correct but price do not touch high and low which I have marked on daily candle. There is some price diffence.

maybe its because daily candle taking pre market open move in consideration also

No pre market price difference is only in first candle not is mid or end

Any update to fix this issue. I have check this is issue in many stocks charts

HI @NitinUppal,

Yes, there might be a variance as explained above and here in detail.

Basically, intra-day charts do not consider 100% of transactions during that interval and this is same across industry. You may check NSE intraday charts as well and you will find the same. For today, check this from NSE - Intra-day chart high vs actual high.